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Archive for August, 2008

BG Motorcycle’s Royal Enfield Wins 1st, 2nd at Mid Ohio

Random Notes
BG Motorcycles Mid Ohio Trophies

BG Motorcycle's Mid Ohio Trophies

Once a year in the hot summer month that is July, thousands of people make the journey to central Ohio to see one of the best all around Vintage motorcycle meets in the world. They come to see the vintage racing, they come to find the parts that they need for their vintage restoration or they just go there because it is just so much fun.

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8,000 Miles Already and Loving It!

Random Notes

A Royal Enfield Rider Shares His Experience

Paul Flaugher, a new Royal Enfield rider from Ohio, was good enough to write recently and send some pictures to share his first experiences with us. We’re sure glad he did!

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Creating A Legend Video

Random Notes

A Guided Tour of the Royal Enfield manufacturing facility in Chennai, India

This narrated video, produced by Royal Enfield Motors, is an interesting look into Royal Enfield in India. It has some great shots of the Royal Enfield factory and the Royal Enfield brand store in Chennai, with all of their modern amenities.

The narrator also gives some good insight into the modern processes Royal Enfield Motors is using to continually improve quality while maintaining an attractive price point.

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Enfield in Twighlight