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Aug 26, 2008

BG Motorcycle’s Royal Enfield Wins 1st, 2nd at Mid Ohio

Random Notes
BG Motorcycles Mid Ohio Trophies

BG Motorcycle's Mid Ohio Trophies

Once a year in the hot summer month that is July, thousands of people make the journey to central Ohio to see one of the best all around Vintage motorcycle meets in the world. They come to see the vintage racing, they come to find the parts that they need for their vintage restoration or they just go there because it is just so much fun.

This year I took our trailer down on Thursday afternoon so I could get a decent pit spot, as it is almost impossible to find anything on Friday morning. After getting signed up at the racers gate, I cruised into the pits and un-hooked the trailer and set up our awning next to it, so we could have some shade on the weekend.

On Friday I decided to stay at work and not make the journey back down. The track offer’s a Road Racing practice day on Friday, but I didn’t sign up for it. I would normally go down and walk through the HUGE swap meet on Friday, then in the afternoon, I would get the bike registered and through Tech inspection so I wouldn’t have to do it before practice on Saturday.

Finally, Saturday rolled around and my parents and I left Bowling Green at around 5:15 am to get to the track nice and early. Once we got to our pits, I walked up and got myself registered, then I pushed the bike up to go through Tech Inspection. Practice started at 8 am and we were the second group to go out. I took it easy the first couple of laps, because I had brand new tires and a brand new piston to break in yet. After about 7 laps, I pulled off and rode back to our pits. Our race was the first race after lunch, so we had a lot of time to kill.

Finally, about 5 minutes before lunch was over, they gave us our first and second call for our race. I already had my suit on and we fired the bike up to warm up the new piston. I rolled out of our pits and made my way out onto the track with all the other bikes following me. We were the first class on the grid, so we had no one in front of us, just all behind us. Next to me on the line were 3 Manx Nortons and on the second row of our class was a BSA and last but not least, another Royal Enfield. Dan and the boys from DRS Cycle had brought their national championship machine out of retirement for this weekend and we were finally going to get to race each other.

When the green flag was thrown, I shot off of the starting line and went into turn one with a 10 bike length lead over 2nd place. Our race was a 6 lap race, so I did my best to pace myself. On about lap 3 I started running into some lapped riders/traffic.  I made some tight passes when I had to, but mainly just kept my head down and pushed the Enfield as hard as I could. When I came around for the white flag, I had a feeling the 2nd place was pretty close to me, but I never looked back to see if he was or not. When I went into turn 3, a Manx sneaked inside of me and took the lead going down the back straight. At the end of the straight, we both hit our brakes a little later than normal, trying to out brake the other, but we still had me going into the next series of corners. I followed him closely around the rest of the track and we ran into some traffic in the last two corners. A lapped rider got in his way in the last turn onto the front straight and caused him to slow just a hair, then the lapped guy moved over into my way just a bit. I ended up coming in second by about a bike length. It was a great race, but it could’ve been better.  After the race I just sat on the bike for a while, thinking about how I could do better on Sunday.  After the race I went over and talked to the DRS guys and found out that they came in third place. It was a pretty good day for the old Enfields.

Sunday ended up being a nicer day, as we had a nice breeze and the temperatures were cooler. We went out for practice again, this time I only did a couple of laps just to make sure the bike was still working good. In the 4th practice session, someone leaked oil on the track, from turn 3 all the way to the front straight, right in the racing line. AHRMA decided to take a early lunch and they spent about 2 ½ hours trying their best to clean up the mess. When it finally came time to race, they had cut our race down to 4 laps because of time constraints. I ended up getting beat off of the start, but I passed the guy in the 2nd turn and lead going down the back straight. At the end of the back straight, there is a hard right hand corner, followed quickly by a left, right and another left. I went into the first right hand corner just find, but when I got to the first left, I hit the ‘cleaned up’ oil line and the whole bike slid about 3-4 inches. Kind of scary moment, but I didn’t crash and just pushed on. Every lap, the bike was sliding in that left hand corner, but I managed to keep it from crashing and ended up winning the race by the length of the front straight. I was pretty happy that the bike ran so good and that I took home a win at Mid-Ohio!  After the race, I talked to the DRS boys again and found out that they were having fuel problems, so they ended up with a 4th.

All in all it was a good weekend. I didn’t crash, the bike didn’t blow up and I won another race! As of right now, we are second in the nation in points, trailing by less than 300 I think. Hopefully we can go to the races out west in Utah and New Mexico, so we can contend for the championship. Thanks to those who all stopped by to chat and sorry to those that missed us when we were out walking around.

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