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Oct 15, 2008

Royal Enfield introduces its first all-new motorcycle in over 40 years


The new bike was unveiled by Royal Enfield Motors CEO R.L. Ravishendran at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany. The new motorcycle, which is called the Bullet Classic C5, is new in every respect and is Royal Enfield’s announcement to the world that it is here to stay (and hey, it’s already been here longer than anyone else, anyway!).

Ravishendran Introducing the new Bullet Classic C5

While this bike features completely modern emissions, safety, reliability, and performance it has also clearly retained it’s Royal Enfield DNA. The bike has the lines of the Model G produced by Royal Enfield in the early 1950s. To the delight of enthusiasts everywhere, Royal Enfield shunned the industry trend toward high-revving overhead cam engines and instead has successfully designed an elegant, modern, long stroke single-pushrod engine. It was critical not only to retain the style of the Royal Enfield’s roots but also to retain that legendary sound, feel and authentic experience that can come only from a long-stroke, single-cylinder engine.

Royal Enfield C5Royal Enfield Bullet Classic

The all-new new 500cc Unit Construction Engine (UCE), boasts electronic fuel injection and about 25% more power than current AVL Bullet models. The engine was designed in England and wrung out and tweaked in both Italy and Japan, adding the international flavor of the machine. The engine also features an electronic ignition, an automatic primary chain adjuster and hydraulically-adjusted valve lifters for reduced maintenance. The engine and transmission is an integral unit which saves weight and offers better power transfer efficiencies, sending more horsepower to the rear wheel. The only real maintenance items on the bike are oil/filter changes and drive chain adjustments.

C5 Engine CaseC5 ExhaustC5 Shock

Again staying true to its Royal Enfield heritage, another important design specification for the C5 was that it remain easy for its owners understand and maintain. To that end, Royal Enfield insisted that the new Electronic Fuel Injection system should be able to be diagnosed and repaired easily without any expensive, specialized tools. Keihin did a great job producing just such a system.

The bike also features a European-designed frame, front disc brake, and all-new suspension to round out the package.

To take a closer look, be sure to check out, a mini-site featuring some great images and showcasing some of the features of the new C5.

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