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Royal Enfield 700cc Twin in 2009?

Best of the Web

Royal Enfield 700cc Twin

I got the following e-mail from our own ScooterBob today, it speaks for itself.

Is it just ME – or does everyone make one of these EXCEPT Royal Enfield?? It’s a great concept … I’ll bet it’ll run, too – like a tractor on steroids! If the 700ccm version made about 42hp, it’d be on par with the engines “in the day” …. And you KNOW it’d uproot a tree stump …… I like it …. Hahaha!!!

Classic Motorworks

Click below to read more and see the video.

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Buying A Used Royal Enfield

Best of the Web

David Blasco of the Royal Enfields blog, recently published an article with some practical advice and notes to keep in mind when shopping for a used or collectible Royal Enfield. Of course, the best way to enjoy a reliable, warranty-backed Royal Enfield with all the latest improvements is to check out the brand new bikes available at your authorized dealer.

However, if you’re in the market for a used Royal Enfield, and especially if you’re considering buying one as a collectible, be sure to check out David’s article.

Inder Trailers and Sidecars are here!


Yesterday brought our first order of Inder sidecars and trailers to the warehouse! It’s always exciting when a brand new product arrives, especially when they’ve been as highly anticipated as the Inder line has been. We were excited as we unpacked them and we weren’t disappointed – there were a lot of great improvements made by Inder since the prototypes we evaluated and the quality on the production units was even better than we expected!

Watch for the Inder sidecars to be available with select dealers and the Inder trailers to be available with select dealers and on the Royal Enfield Online Store very soon. We’ll be sure to post more information as we have it!

Royal Enfield NYC Show


Our thanks to everyone who visited the Royal Enfield display this weekend at the International Motorcycle Show in New York City. There was a great turn out again this year and lots of enthusiastic interest in the bikes. There was a lot of positive response to the new UCE models and (quite predictably) the Cozy Sidecar rig was a veritable photo magnet.

Special thanks also to our participating local dealers: Leon Stanley of Cycle Icons and Mike Depalo of UK Motorports.

Dion’s Royal Enfield Factory Photos

Best of the Web

Dion from New Zealand recently wrote in inviting us to post some pictures from his recent trip to India. Dion visited the Royal Enfield factory and took some great photos, so I was only too happy to take him up on his offer. Thanks Dion!

Royal Enfield Robot

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A Family of 5 Rides Together

In the News, Random Notes

I happened across this great post from Mark Hoyer, of Cycle World Magazine,  that included a perfect photographic example of the more “utilitarian” role common for small motorcycles outside the United States (and India in particular). As mark puts it, “Who needs a 5000-pound SUV?!”

Photo credit: Jeff Allen, CycleWorld Magazine

Photo credit: Jeff Allen, Cycle World Magazine

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2008 Factory Tour

Best of the Web

David Blasco, who is easily the most prolific Royal Enfield blogger in the world, has spent hours editing some raw video footage from Kevin’s recent trip to Royal Enfield Motors showing Royal Enfield motorcycles being assembled on the assembly line. Check out the video and follow a bike from beginning to end!

David’s blog at is well worth a visit.

With a fresh article just about every day, you’ll want to be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed as well!

Online Store Clearance Mania

Random Notes, Store Deals

Now that the holiday sales season is over, Royal Enfield bargain hunters may be left wondering where they can turn for a great deal.

The answer? Easy: the Royal Enfield Clearance Center. At this time of year, as we process large parts and accessory shipment to get ready for riding season, there are always some “casualties”. Inevitably, some parts have suffer cosmetic damage in transit and cannot be sold for full retail… even if they are good enough for riders to use in many applications. These parts and accessories tend to build up in our warehouse until I have no choice but to move them out at just about any price.

There are some screaming deals here and lots more are being added just about every day. Spring is coming and I’m sick of looking at all these items, so I’m determined to clean out every last corner of the warehouse and get this stuff out of here. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

Expanded Model Line-up for 2009


2009 is looking to be an exciting year, bringing the largest-ever Royal Enfield model line-up to the United States.

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EFI Made Easy

Tech Tips

Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI can be very intimidating to the uninitiated but I think I can tell you everything you need to know to take care of the system on your new EFI Royal Enfield in one short article.

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Enfield in Twighlight