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Jan 17, 2009

A Family of 5 Rides Together

In the News, Random Notes

I happened across this great post from Mark Hoyer, of Cycle World Magazine,  that included a perfect photographic example of the more “utilitarian” role common for small motorcycles outside the United States (and India in particular). As mark puts it, “Who needs a 5000-pound SUV?!”

Photo credit: Jeff Allen, CycleWorld Magazine

Photo credit: Jeff Allen, Cycle World Magazine

Mark also mentions a recent trip that he and photographer Jeff Allen recently took to visit Royal Enfield Motors in Chennai, India for an upcoming Royal Enfield feature in Cycle World, which we are all very excited about. You can read more about the trip in my earlier post, “Cycle World Magazine Visits India“.

Be sure to click here and check out Mark’s post in the Cycle World Staff blog.

2 Responses to “ A Family of 5 Rides Together ”

  1. slugacres Says:

    I worked in India from 1997 to 1999 where I owned my first Bullet 500. My boss and I would always be watching for the most people riding a two-wheeler. I suppose somebody can beat five, but that is the most I ever saw, too.

  2. menonmohan Says:

    hahaha!this is so common in india!just imagine what will happen in an accident scenario?

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