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Jan 15, 2009

Expanded Model Line-up for 2009


2009 is looking to be an exciting year, bringing the largest-ever Royal Enfield model line-up to the United States.

AVL Classic

We will have the venerable AVL models using our traditional designs: the Classic, Deluxe, Military, and Electra. The lean-burn AVL engine has been very well received in our market, featuring better reliability and lower maintenance than the older iron-barrel Bullet engine. The 2009 MSRP on these bikes ranges from $5349 to $5745.

This year will also be the last chance to get the traditional Classic-style Bullets with the twin-lead front drum brake.

Bullet G5

New G5 models (using the new UCE power train) are also priced extremely competitively. The MSRP pricing on the G5 is $5995 for a solid-color version, $6095 for the Deluxe and $6395 for the C5. The Bullet G5 (pictured here) will be available in all of the current colors, except for olive drab (we hope to see a Military model soon).

C5 GreenC5 RedC5 Black

The all-new C5 will arrive later in the year (the first production is headed for the European market) and comes in classic Turquoise, Red and Black.

2 Responses to “ Expanded Model Line-up for 2009 ”

  1. sirwrksalot Says:

    I can not wait until they hit the US…I am impatiently waiting…anyone have an update on the timeline???

  2. sirwrksalot Says:

    That is for the C5…

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