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Jan 22, 2009

Inder Trailers and Sidecars are here!


Yesterday brought our first order of Inder sidecars and trailers to the warehouse! It’s always exciting when a brand new product arrives, especially when they’ve been as highly anticipated as the Inder line has been. We were excited as we unpacked them and we weren’t disappointed – there were a lot of great improvements made by Inder since the prototypes we evaluated and the quality on the production units was even better than we expected!

Watch for the Inder sidecars to be available with select dealers and the Inder trailers to be available with select dealers and on the Royal Enfield Online Store very soon. We’ll be sure to post more information as we have it!

2 Responses to “ Inder Trailers and Sidecars are here! ”

  1. chris-bartlett Says:

    Oh man, these little trailers look great! The retro design really complements the Enfield. Can’t wait to see more pics and info.

  2. Rhett Says:

    @chris: Hopefully you won’t have to wait long, we’re taking some pictures and video to put on CycleSidecar and the Enfield store very soon. I can tell you, these things really are a perfect compliment to the Enfield – everyone here was really impressed. They look awesome but, even better, they bolt right on in just a few minutes.

    We’re excited to show you, so stay tuned for more!

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