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Archive for February, 2009

First Pictures of the Inder Trailer on a Royal Enfield

Random Notes

We were sent this picture by one of our first Inder Trailer customers. It sure looks sharp attached to that beautiful Black Classic.

Inder Trailer on a Royal Enfield

Inder Trailer on a Royal Enfield

Tell Your Story


Our favorite Royal Enfield blogger David Blasco has put put a call for your story. David is looking for the story of you and your beloved Royal Enfield. In his words “What’s special about it? What made you buy it? When did you know that you and your Royal Enfield were bonded for life? Write your story and send David an email at [email protected] Include a picture of you and your bike. You can read Davids blog at


Write your story and send me an email at [email protected] Include a picture of you and your bike.

S-K Service Swap Meet


S-K Service, our dealer in Hatley Wisconsin is pleased to announce the 22nd Annual Motorcycle Swap Meet – an event centered on Japanese, European and British motorcycles. The event is all day Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd at S-K Service in downtown Hatley. The event is free to the public.

Be sure to mark your calendar and download the printable Swap Meet PDF Flyer.

Carberry V-Twin in Production?

Best of the Web, Random Notes

Paul Carberry from Australia has been working on a 1000cc Royal Enfield based V-Twin for a long time. Those who have ridden his test bikes have all given it good reviews. I got a recent e-mail announcing that they are now in production and soon will be available to the public. Not for the faint of wallet, but very cool all the same.  Check it out here

Carberry Royal Enfield Based V-Twin

Carberry Royal Enfield Based V-Twin

Royal Enfield in “Friday the Thirteenth”?

Random Notes
Friday the Thirteenth

Friday the Thirteenth

Mike Depalo of UK Motorsports (our dealer in Long Island) reports that there was at least one Royal Enfield used in the making of the new Friday the Thirteenth movie.

Photo credit: Warner Brothers / Crystal Lake Entertainment.
Copyright © Warner Brothers Entertainment Group.

UPDATE: We found great photographic confirmation posted earlier on the SF Universe blog. The bike is a modified Hollywood prop bike and appears without distinctive markings, but the classic headlamp, big single, gearbox, fenders, and tail light give it away.

Royal Enfield on the set of Friday the 13th

Royal Enfield on the set of Friday the 13th

Store Steals: Inder Motorcycle Trailers $300 Off!

Store Deals

Inder single-wheel trailers are now available at the Royal Enfield online store!

To celebrate the availability of these much-anticipated trailers, we’re please to extend and introductory offer of $300 off at our online store. We won’t lower prices to this level again, so now is the best time to buy!

Click here for more information

Inder Motorcycle Trailer

Inder Motorcycle Trailer

Dealer Training for New UCE/EFI Engine Begins


Dateline – Cycle Icons – Bordentown N.J.

A team of two engineers and the director of service for Royal Enfield arrived in Bordentown fresh from India on Monday. Mr. Sarvesh is an engine designer, Mr. Hari is an Electronic Fuel Injection engineer and Mr. Vikram is in charge of service for Royal Enfield.This two day event is the first of three such events on the east coast, Midwest and west coast to be held  over the next 10 days. It is the precursor to the introduction of the new engines which well be reaching our shores soon.

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Cycle World Online Pictures

In the News
From Cycle World Magazine's Gallery

From Cycle World Magazine's Gallery

Along with the very favorable two articles about the new Bullet Classic C-5 in the March issue of Cycle World, there are quite few additional pictures in a gallery that they have put online. Click the picture to go to the online Cycle World photo gallery.

Scooter Bob reviews the UCE

Random Notes

Greg Stewart known to most as “Scooter Bob” has joined our staff. He was one of our very good dealers and is known as perhaps the foremost expert on Chian Jiang motorcycles in the country.

We have the opportunity to have one of the new Unit Construction G-5 models reviewed in another national magazine. The problem is that we have two beat up test mules and one brand new fresh from the factory show unit. Normally it would be easy to just put in a new battery some oil and ship the bike, but it would be foolish to send a bike to a prestigious magazine untested. Of course it has been about 100 degrees below zero and the streets are full of ice up here. Since ScooterBob is the “new guy” it was only fitting to ask him to take on this challenge. To my surprise and delight he took on the challenge. Here is his first “ride report” on the new bike:

Did I mention that I’m nearly in love with the new UCE bike despite WANTING to find bad stuff on it? This isn’t good for the long-term storage issues at the ScooterBob Garage Facility! Hahaha!

Very Cool Royal Enfield Choppers – Now that’s what I’m talking about

Best of the Web

I spotted a bunch of very cool and interesting pictures of Royal Enfield choppers in a Royal Enfield blog. It is well worth a look, click here to check it out.

Enfield in Twighlight