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One Hot Royal Enfield

Random Notes

I see a lot of modified Royal Enfields all over the world, but this one is by a long shot the coolest one I have EVER seen. Aniket Vardhan’s  stunning project is a V-Twin Royal Enfield engine in a Royal Enfield frame. He married two 350cc Royal Enfield top ends in the neatest, cleanest project I have ever seen.There is another V-Twin based on a similar concept from Australia (The Carberry V-Twin) which has been around for a long time.  The Carberry however uses a non Royal Enfield custom frame.

I cannot praise Anjit enough for his work with this project. The size and sophistication of this project is a bit overwhelming. Should he ever want to produce this engine… I will let Anjit tell his story in his own words.

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New UCE Royal Enfields are here… with a full two-year warranty!

Announcements, Random Notes

The new Unit Construction Royal Enfields with Electronic Fuel injection are here and available at most of our dealers.

We have spent a good deal of time this winter traveling around the country putting on training seminars for our dealers so that they are fully informed and trained to sell and service this new motorcycle. The Classic version of the new bike is available in Black and Velvet Green (British Racing Green) while the Chrome model Deluxe is available in Red and Black. While the look of the bikes are very similar to the Classic bikes we have always sold, there are a few key differences.

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Best of the Web: REM Electra Ad

Best of the Web, Random Notes

This is an older ad for the introduction of the Electra model in India (Note the Electra model sold in India is not the same as the Electra model sold in the USA. The name Electra originated because it was the first Royal Enfield with an electronic ignition).

What’s in an Inder Trailer?

Random Notes

We have sold quite a few of  the Inder trailers. So far all very happy customers. The most common question we get is “how much does it hold?”.

The answer even surprised us…

How much stuff is this?

How much stuff is this...?

Will all of this go into the Inder Trailer?

...can you believe it?!

Bio-Diesel Royal Enfield Project – 1700 miles on 10 gallons?

Best of the Web, In the News, Random Notes

The president of the Royal Enfield Association and frequent poster on our community forum Geoff Baker has developed a really fascinating project. Geoff has built a water injected high mileage diesel engine for his Royal Enfield motorcycle.  To help raise awareness of fuel economy and being “green” he intends to ride from Nogales Mexico to Vancouver Canada (a distance in excess of 1,700 miles) using only 10 gallons of recycled vegetable oil “Bio-Diesel”. Sound crazy doesn’t it? I can assure you Geoff is not crazy.  Geoff started with a Military model Royal Enfield and has adapted all sorts of devices from common materials to finish his project on a very slim budget.

A visit to his website will fill you in on all of the details of this great experiment

Geoff Baker who will attempt to go 1700 miles on ony 10 gallons of bio-diesel

Geoff Baker who will attempt to go 1700 miles on only 10 gallons of bio-diesel

The Royal Enfield with a bio-diesel conversion engine

The Royal Enfield with a bio-diesel conversion engine

Home made water injection tank

Home made water injection tank

Passing of a Royal Enfield Legend

Announcements, In the News


I am very saddened to announce that George Helm – one of our dealers and a legend in the motorcycle,  Royal Enfield, and Indian world – passed away yesterday at age 87.

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Enfield in Twighlight