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Apr 23, 2009

New UCE Royal Enfields are here… with a full two-year warranty!

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The new Unit Construction Royal Enfields with Electronic Fuel injection are here and available at most of our dealers.

We have spent a good deal of time this winter traveling around the country putting on training seminars for our dealers so that they are fully informed and trained to sell and service this new motorcycle. The Classic version of the new bike is available in Black and Velvet Green (British Racing Green) while the Chrome model Deluxe is available in Red and Black. While the look of the bikes are very similar to the Classic bikes we have always sold, there are a few key differences.

Among them is the ultra reliable new Unit Construction Engine. Called a UCE because the engine and transmission are in one casting.  In the older bikes the engine and transmission were separate units connected by a third unit the primary chain case.  While there are many benefits to the Unit Construction design, the most notable are much less maintenance, less moving parts, less power loss due to lower frictional losses, stronger and  more accurate casting (PDC) and Electronic fuel injection.  The new engine is very reliable, easy to service, has much more power and torque than our previous engines The engine has hydraulic roller tappets thus eliminating valve adjustments, an automatic primary chain adjuster which again requires no maintenance.

The front drum brake has been replaced with the great disk brake made by the Indian division of Brembo and the rear brake has been improved. The rear swing arm has been lightened for better classic response and the suspension system is provided by the Indian division of Paoli.

The new bike is so reliable that we have doubled the warranty to an industry leading two years. The Royal Enfield without question is the best value on the motorcycle market today.

4 Responses to “ New UCE Royal Enfields are here… with a full two-year warranty! ”

  1. jeffory Says:

    can someone please give me a better timeline on when the C5 will arrive at the dealers in Florida. Thanks.Jeff

  2. jeffory Says:

    How many C5,s are expected to be delivered to the U.S. for 2009? Thanks for any help in advance. Jeff

  3. SLcolorado Says:

    I recently saw a news item (Art Friedman, Motorcycle Cruiser) that Eicher Motors plans to sell Royal Enfield. Art suggested that if no buyer is found, RE may close. Do you know any more? Is it time to panic yet?

  4. Kevin Says:

    That article is several years old. The author Art Friedman had his facts screwed up at the time and published them anyway. Even when he knew they were wrong he left it in their forum. So much for journalistic ethics. In a word it is old and it never was accurate. REM is stronger than ever.

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