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Nice Article in the New York Times

In the News
Red Royal Enfield C5 with UCE engine

Red Royal Enfield C5 with UCE engine

James Parchman wrote a great article about the Royal Enfield company and our new products for the New York Times . Here is the online version of the article. James is a freelance writer/photographer who contacted us while he was in Pakistan doing another article. he went to the factory in Chennai and came back with this great article.  As someone who has taken a lot of photos around the factory over the years I am in awe of his photographic abilities as well. Guess this is what the phrase “trained professional” is all about.  James did a great job and we certainly appreciate it. We are told that he has an upcoming piece in Rider magazine about the C5 as well.

Dateline India

Random Notes

Got to India late last night. The trip was horribly long especially from Frankfurt to Chennai. The first 4 hours from Phoenix was OK, the 8 hour flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt was OK, waiting in Frankfurt for 5 hours got a bit tedious, but the almost 9 hour leg from Germany to India makes you want to claw your eyes out. Unfortunately the trip was not quite as long for my luggage as it missed the flight. Should be here tomorrow and I have what I need in my carry on.

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Enfield in Twighlight