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Meet Dannie Mullins: owner of the first C5 sold in the USA

In the News, Random Notes

Bright and early this morning we got a call from Bill (Slam) Dunkis the owner of Interstate Motorcycles in Rolla MO.  Somehow the trucking company got  his C5  to him overnight  from our warehouse. His customer for the bike Dannie Mullins called last night and asked if he could sleep in Bills parking lot so he could pick up his bike bright and early this morning. Sure enough, by the time Bill got to work, there was Dannie waiting.

In the words of Bill – “I handed it to it’s new owner and asked him to take it out for a 20 mile ride on our Missouri Ozark mountain two lane roads and tell us what he thought. He was glad to oblige.

When he came back, and after he extracted the massive smile from his face, the first words out of his mouth was “This may be the best handling motorcycle I’ve ever ridden ! Crisp handling in the corners and rock solid on the straights.”This coming unsolicited from a rider with 30+ years experience”.

Congratulations Dannie – we hope you love your new bike. His was the first warranty registration we received so I guess that makes him the first owner of a C5 in the USA.

Dannie Mullins, the first C5 owner in the USA

Dannie Mullins, the first C5 owner in the USA

Royal Enfield Minnesota REunion 2009 Video

Best of the Web, Events

One of our  REunion attendees “PorkChop” from the community forum, put together a wonderful video of the event.

Here is the link:

“PorkChop” (Dan) does this for a living and can be found here:

Enfield in Twighlight