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Sep 13, 2011

Our Newest Sidecar The Inder


The Inder is our newest addition to the sidecar line. They are available in both the Euro model as shown or the Rocket which has the rocket like nose. We have imported and sold the Inder in the past and were very pleased with them. We will still import the Cozy but wanted to offer our customers an option.

Inder Sidecar

2 Responses to “ Our Newest Sidecar The Inder ”

  1. Gary-FL Says:

    I recall a statement sometime last year that Inder tubs were not to be offered. Guess things change. DO these models retain the brake on the car?

  2. battlegraphics Says:

    A very pretty looking sidecar. Nice to have another style available.

Enfield in Twighlight