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2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT

Royal Enfield Unveils a Bold Pricing Strategy



Exciting news for all Royal Enfield enthusiasts and riders here in the U.S. In a recent move to reposition the brand, Royal Enfield has dropped its retail pricing dramatically, shifting up its efforts to lead the mid-size motorcycle market.

With increasing global demand and a new state-of-the-art factory, Royal Enfield has set its sights on becoming a worldwide leader in the growing midsize motorcycle market. (250cc-750cc) Siddartha Lal, the CEO and owner of Royal Enfield, kicked off the campaign by setting the tone immediately with the MSRP of the new 535cc Continental GT Café racer at only $5,999, much lower than industry observers expected.

Kevin Mahoney, the CEO of Classic Motorworks (the exclusive US importer of Royal Enfield), stated lowering the MSRP prices on the rest of the product line naturally followed suit from Siddartha Lal’s vision for the GT and the brand positioning overall. “We have always been a unique high value brand. Our high volumes (over 250,000 units will be sold globally in 2014) and increased efficiency allow us to make this aggressive move. We have lowered the MSRP on some of our products by almost $1,400. The suggested retail price range of the product line now starts at $4,999 and tops out at $5,999 for the new 535cc Continental GT. This effort in repositioning Royal Enfield as a brand will not only put more bikes on the road, but simultaneously gain more of the market share here in the U.S. We are thinking long-term with this move and feel the timing and the opportunity to grow even more will ensure success for Royal Enfield in the U.S.”

With an ever growing dealer network be sure check our dealer locater to find an Authorized Dealer nearest you. “Made Like a Gun” Get your Enfield today!

Kevin Mahoney
CEO Classic Motorworks LTD

Low Financing with Special Incentives on prior model year inventory


0% Financing for 12 months or 5.9% financing for 60 months

  • Plus Free replacement wear parts for any purchase of a new 2010, 2011 or 2012 model Royal Enfield purchased on or after 3/15/2013/. See your dealer or go to the Royal Enfield Finance Center for program details, restrictions etc.


The promotional parts offer includes certain parts that are considered wear parts and are excluded from the standard 2 year warranty provided by Royal Enfield.

It is provided and sponsored by Classic Motorworks the US distributor of the Royal Enfield and not sponsored by Royal Enfield itself.  This wear parts promotion runs concurrently with the factory warranty. Its term is the same as the warranty in your Royal Enfield owner’s manual. It is only valid on new unused, previously unregistered 2010, 2011 and 2012 models of Royal Enfield. A certified new demo bike sold by a dealer is eligible. The warranty is only valid on units sold on or after March 15, 2013 until this promotional period ends.

The items covered are brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, cables, bulbs, and electrical switches. This is a wear parts offer and any labor required to install these parts must be paid for by the customer. All repair work including filing of a warranty claim must be done by an authorized Royal Enfield dealer.

The wear items mentioned above will NOT be replaced if they are part of incidental damage from another incident; Examples are an accident, bike tipped over, fire etc. Parts are not eligible for replacement if the wear is determined to be caused by abuse. Wear parts included in this offer will only be replaced once. The determination that the parts are worn and need replacement will be made by any authorized Royal Enfield dealer. If parts are not worn beyond factory specs they will not be replaced, A broken cable, burned out light bulb etc. are self-evident but items like brake pads and clutch plates will have to be inspected by a Royal Enfield dealer.

The offer is also not valid if the underlying Royal Enfield factory warranty has been voided. Examples are machines that have been used in racing, for any commercial activity, ridden off road, lack of scheduled maintenance etc. These exclusions are clearly laid out in the RE factory warranty in your owner’s manual. The offer expires when the Royal Enfield factory 2 year warranty expires.

Royal Enfield’s lineup for 2012, International Motorcycle Show

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2012 Bullet 500 B5 Featured in Quick Throttle Magazine as Nouveau Retro Bike

In the News

Quick Throttle Magazine featured the 2012 Bullet 500 B5 as a bike that has kept retro cool and up to date. The Bullet “got all the attention” of the three bikes featured!

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 B5

Bullet C5 Chrome turns heads at the Kickstarter Classic via RoadBike Magazine

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This month’s RoadBike Magazine issue takes a limited edition Chrome C5 Bullet for a classic ride.

Royal Enfield Featured in Wired Magazine

Events, In the News

Check out the Royal Enfield Bullet Classic feature in this month’s issue of Wired Magazine.

Sheffield Financing


New Dealer – Route 66 Modern Classics


Ron Greene VP of Royal Enfield USA thinks one of our newest dealers Route 66 Modern Classics has a unique location that will make them very successful with the Royal Enfield. They are located on the border of the beach communities Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach in Southern California. Glenn Bartel, the President of Route 66 Modern Classics explains that the beach communities are ideal places for the Royal Enfield. The unusual and hot retro look of the Royal Enfield has been a big hit with our customers. We have gotten an overwhelming response to having them in our product lineup. An interesting side note about Route 66 Modern Classics is that they have a separate department which is the largest single store for Harley rentals in the US with a fleet of 120 Harley Davidson rental bikes. Glen is a member of the legendary Harley Davidson family which owns Bartels Harley Davidson and is located next door to Route 66 Modern Classics. They are located at 4161 Lincoln Blvd. Marina Del Rey CA. and can be reached at 310-578-0112.

Glen Bartels President Route 66 Modern Classics, Kevin Mahoney President Royal Enfield USA, Leo Hartog Operations Manager

Announcing our newest dealer – Southern California Motorcycles


Ron Green the VP of Royal Enfield USA is proud to announce one of our newest dealers “Southern California Motorcycles” in Brea CA. They are the number one dealer nationally for several of the brands they carry. The dealership can best be described as a complex of stores rather than an individual store. It is a very unique setting. The owner, Tom Hicks says that their success is based upon having a wide range of product for every type of riding and unmatched customer service after the sale.

In the picture is L to R – Tom Hicks owner, Sharon (sorry Sharon about your last name) operations manager and Rob Chufo the general manager.

Located at 515-535 W. Lambert Rd. Brea CA.

Enfield in Twighlight