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Great video about the launch of the Royal Enfield Continental GT

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Nice piece on Royal Enfield on Australian TV

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Great interview with the CEO “Venki” and some customers talking about the brand and it’s future

Royal Enfield Arrives at Jay Leno’s Garage

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One of the most famous classic automobile collectors in the world now counts Royal Enfield among the classics in his Garage. Jay Leno recently ordered a Royal Enfield G5 Deluxe from Mike Frankovich of Royal Enfield Los Angeles and NoHo Scooters in North Hollywood, California.

Today, Royal Enfield was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, an online program dedicated to the famous comedian’s world-class collection of classic cars and bikes.

Click here to see Royal Enfield on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Stills from the visit:

Mike Frankovich with Jay Leno

Mike Frankovich with Jay Leno. Photo credit: Taylor Mahoney

Royal Enfield USA VP Ron Greene with Jay Leno. Photo credit: Taylor Mahoney

New “Leave Home” Campaign for Royal Enfield India

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Royal Enfield Motors launched a new advertising campaign in India designed to attract the younger spectrum of riders  in the Indian market. The campaign features a hero-themed comic strip that appeals to younger rider’s sense of adventure by encouraging them to “Leave Home”.

Click here to read more about the campaign at Campaign India.

Hero Story for Royal Enfield "Leave Home" Campaign

Popular Indian Automotive Blog Nods to the C5 Military

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The popular Indian Cars & Motorbikes blog recent published an article about the arrival of the Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Military here in the United States.

While the Military C5 is currently only sold in the U.S. market, the article draws attention to world-wide interest in the unique “Battle Green” Classic. The author also underscores the a few of the engineering differences between Indian domestic models and export models produced by Royal Enfield.

Click Here to Read the Article at >

Royal Enfield Wallpaper

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Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Military Wallpaper

Royal Enfield Bullet C5 Military Wallpaper

Royal Enfield motorcycles were prominently featured this month in Ultimate Motorcycling‘s online wallpaper gallery, with several new Royal Enfield wallpapers.

Check out the gallery now!

Awesome Vintage Safety Videos

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Here’s an excellent 2-part safety video featuring a BMW R90s that a friend from West Virginia was good enough to turn us on to. In addition to great information, these videos definitely have vintage appeal!

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Older 1990′s Enfield TV ad

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This is a cool older ad made for Royal Enfield. Notice that they use the name Enfield and not Royal Enfield. This puts the ad in at least pre 1999.

Royal Enfield Minnesota REunion 2009 Video

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One of our  REunion attendees “PorkChop” from the community forum, put together a wonderful video of the event.

Here is the link:

“PorkChop” (Dan) does this for a living and can be found here:

Best of the Web: REM Electra Ad

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This is an older ad for the introduction of the Electra model in India (Note the Electra model sold in India is not the same as the Electra model sold in the USA. The name Electra originated because it was the first Royal Enfield with an electronic ignition).

Enfield in Twighlight