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Spring Maintenance Tips (or Ignore me now and ride later… much later)

Tech Tips

I can tell from the Royal Enfield chat boards that I participate in that spring has sprung for many of you and it is time to ride.

Time to talk about Spring maintenance. You are one of two kinds of people, those that washed and waxed your bike, lubed everything, put new oil in it, used fuel stabilizer and put your battery on a Batter Tender, covered your bike, put it away in a nice, dry and maybe even warm place… or you’re one who just plain put it away, rode hard until the last hours and then put it up wet (so to speak). The first group knows the drill and are probably already out riding as we speak enjoying the attention that only the Royal Enfield brings. I can tell from the chat boards the rest of you are scratching your head and wondering what happened over the winter… “but it was fine when I put it away” is a commonly-heard refrain. For this group I will try to get you back on the right track with some Spring maintenance and tune-up advice.

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