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Tech Corner: UCE Lubrication

Tech Tips

For the UCE engines I am starting a series covering some of the design aspects. We are starting with the lubrication system for no particular reason other than the fact that we got a really cool video and slide presentation from the factory today (shown below).

Royal Enfield was the first motorcycle with a dry sump oiling system. In short this meant that the crankcase was empty and the oil is stored in a tank (internal to the engine). Pressurized oil is fed to the critical components and drops into the crank crankcase where it is picked up by a second oil pump and sent to the head. In a wet sump system like the new UCE engines the crankcase is full of oil. When the engine starts a pump picks up the oil, pumps it through a filter and then directs it to different areas under pressure. Because the clutch and transmission are all part of the engine case they all run in the same oil. The real advantage is that in the UCE we can move a lot more oil under a higher pressure than we could in the oil machines.

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Scooter Bob reviews the UCE

Random Notes

Greg Stewart known to most as “Scooter Bob” has joined our staff. He was one of our very good dealers and is known as perhaps the foremost expert on Chian Jiang motorcycles in the country.

We have the opportunity to have one of the new Unit Construction G-5 models reviewed in another national magazine. The problem is that we have two beat up test mules and one brand new fresh from the factory show unit. Normally it would be easy to just put in a new battery some oil and ship the bike, but it would be foolish to send a bike to a prestigious magazine untested. Of course it has been about 100 degrees below zero and the streets are full of ice up here. Since ScooterBob is the “new guy” it was only fitting to ask him to take on this challenge. To my surprise and delight he took on the challenge. Here is his first “ride report” on the new bike:

Did I mention that I’m nearly in love with the new UCE bike despite WANTING to find bad stuff on it? This isn’t good for the long-term storage issues at the ScooterBob Garage Facility! Hahaha!

Enfield in Twighlight