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Older 1990′s Enfield TV ad

Best of the Web

This is a cool older ad made for Royal Enfield. Notice that they use the name Enfield and not Royal Enfield. This puts the ad in at least pre 1999.

Best of the Web: REM Electra Ad

Best of the Web, Random Notes

This is an older ad for the introduction of the Electra model in India (Note the Electra model sold in India is not the same as the Electra model sold in the USA. The name Electra originated because it was the first Royal Enfield with an electronic ignition).

Edgy “Leave Home” Royal Enfield TV Commercial

Best of the Web

This commercial, produced and aired in India by Royal Enfield Motors, takes a decidedly edgy and interesting approach to presenting the unique individuality offered by a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

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Enfield in Twighlight