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One Hot Royal Enfield

Random Notes

I see a lot of modified Royal Enfields all over the world, but this one is by a long shot the coolest one I have EVER seen. Aniket Vardhan’s  stunning project is a V-Twin Royal Enfield engine in a Royal Enfield frame. He married two 350cc Royal Enfield top ends in the neatest, cleanest project I have ever seen.There is another V-Twin based on a similar concept from Australia (The Carberry V-Twin) which has been around for a long time.  The Carberry however uses a non Royal Enfield custom frame.

I cannot praise Anjit enough for his work with this project. The size and sophistication of this project is a bit overwhelming. Should he ever want to produce this engine… I will let Anjit tell his story in his own words.

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Carberry V-Twin in Production?

Best of the Web, Random Notes

Paul Carberry from Australia has been working on a 1000cc Royal Enfield based V-Twin for a long time. Those who have ridden his test bikes have all given it good reviews. I got a recent e-mail announcing that they are now in production and soon will be available to the public. Not for the faint of wallet, but very cool all the same.  Check it out here

Carberry Royal Enfield Based V-Twin

Carberry Royal Enfield Based V-Twin

Royal Enfield 700cc Twin in 2009?

Best of the Web

Royal Enfield 700cc Twin

I got the following e-mail from our own ScooterBob today, it speaks for itself.

Is it just ME – or does everyone make one of these EXCEPT Royal Enfield?? It’s a great concept … I’ll bet it’ll run, too – like a tractor on steroids! If the 700ccm version made about 42hp, it’d be on par with the engines “in the day” …. And you KNOW it’d uproot a tree stump …… I like it …. Hahaha!!!

Classic Motorworks

Click below to read more and see the video.

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Enfield in Twighlight