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Author Topic: When does the new engines and New designs come out.  (Read 16105 times)


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Re: When does the new engines and New designs come out.
« Reply #60 on: December 22, 2007, 11:57:46 PM »
Kevin ,I am glad you answered the question about the engine and trans sharing oil. It was asked in an other thread I believe. I thought that would be the case because of the "sight glass". To anyone that doesn't like that idea, don't be scared. True the trans runs in thinner oil, and there will be more metal shavings in your crank case, but if the trans is designed for it, not to worry. The Japaneese have been doing it for years. This is just one good reason to have a "magnetic" drain plug in your bike. I do have one question Kevin. I didn't see a spin on filter, or I missed it, on the UCE. Does it have a internal filter like the Classic or Elecktra???    Hutch
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