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Author Topic: Attention NYC area guys  (Read 613 times)

Chuck D

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Re: Attention NYC area guys
« Reply #15 on: August 28, 2013, 12:54:50 PM »
  Pretty cool neighborhood as well.What a change! I don't think I saw anyone older than Twenty nine,other than at the show that is.....  We walked over to Green point, I guess it is ? For some outstanding !  Polish food.

  An artist at the show took out his sketch book, and started doing a sketch of my bike... Amazing to watch.
THAT WAS YOURS!?! Loved it!
Uhh... still working on those pics.
Jeff, buddy, you were there in spirit.
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Re: Attention NYC area guys
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2013, 03:51:25 PM »
  Yes it was and thanks !  I did that one about five or six years ago. I found it outside of a garage. Where it had sat exposed to the elements, under a tattered table cloth ,for 18 years.  Every nut and bolt ,  taken down to the molecular level... re-due on that one ! LOL !
 I was fortunate to have that one, with another 750 I did.... which btw, I think is nicer and more detailed, and was in similar condition.... In cafe Racer mag back in 2010 ... I think ?  Also at the Javits show of the same year...   Hard work pays off sometimes !  LOL.......

That sketch is great!  I'm an art fanatic and LOVE that piece the artist did.  I saved it and cropped it down to just the art.  Thanks for sharing GHG!


   Whoa !! That is cool Scottie !  Sorry I missed that before...  Thanks for that.  That little camera phone pic is the only one I had.  And I lost the artists card....   Here is The bike(s) in person.... or at least in a photo  ::)

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