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Author Topic: European & Vintage rally in the Texas Hill Country  (Read 15 times)


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European & Vintage rally in the Texas Hill Country
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:53:36 PM »
Hello all,  I had a recent experience when I took the 56 Enfield to the Vintage rally in Luckenbach Texas.  Carried the bike in my truck bed the 250 miles.  Offloaded and had a great ride day of 50 miles on Saturday morning.  Rode to the rally site and entered the bike in the show.  50-59 year models.  Lined up next to a 59 BMW.  While I was browsing the hundreds of bikes on display back to 1917, I came back to mine and the BMW owner said his bike fell over into my and damaged the gas tank and front fender.  Yes, it did,  I found a dent, scratch into the metal on both the tank and fender.  He said he would split the costs of repair and that's all he would agree to?  Got his contact info out of Austin.  I'm home now getting an estimate of repair for mine and will send it to him for payment.  Not sure what the outcome will be.  He may flake out on me entirely...  May have to get my firefighter son and a few of his pals who live in Austin to pay him a personal visit.  Lol.  Guy said the bike just fell over, no one tampered with it, no one standing next to it!   I later found out the guy kickstarted his bike about 10-15 minutes prior to the incident.  Something he did not share with me.  This vintage BMW has the kick starter on the left side and is levered from the side only not by straddling the bike.  Moves down and through perpendicular away from the bike.  Guy who was on my other side with a bike said it may have tilted the bike off the center stand just enough to than later fall to it's left side from a depression in the grass.  My gas tank is customized and one off, hand formed.  May have to be completely redone.  Darn the bad luck. 
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