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Author Topic: 535 (?) Build  (Read 20 times)


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535 (?) Build
« on: Today at 07:02:22 PM »
Hello all,

    After buying this bike over 10 years ago, having problems getting it titled (we lived in Japan at the time), and watching it slowly rust and fall apart in front of my eyes, I'm ready to start restoring it. I took it apart years ago, labeled everything, and put the parts in boxes, and have now found the time/inclination to finally start stripping paint/rust/goop off of things, repairing them, and putting them back together, I just have a few questions:
    The dealer that this bike was bought from is called "Madaan Motors", and is one of those bikes that was slapped together after being found in an old factory.  When we bought it, we were told that it was a "1966" model bike.  We learned a few years ago that 500cc models were not made in 1966, so maybe it's a 1966 frame, but definitely not a '66 motor (we've measured the displacement, it's definitely a 500cc).  We were also told when we bought it that it had been bored to 535cc.  Does this mean that it is *technically* a lightning? Or were there 535cc bikes sold as-is without the rest of the lightning mods? I know that the cylinder is an Iron Barrel as well, not alloy.  It seems to also have up-rated rocker boxes, from what I've seen in the catalogues, comparing parts and what-not.  I'm not sure if it has any other performance parts, because our knowledge of this bike is not what it should be.

     Before I start building this bike again, I want to know if there is any way to marginally improve the top-speed of these bikes.  I've seen people say multiple times not to go over 55-60 mph to prevent the piston from seizing.  I've seen the alloy barrels, as well as the up-rated oil pumps (but people say the new pump doesn't actually do much to cool the top end?).  Will the alloy barrel cool it down enough to comfortable improve top speeds?  I'm not looking for much, maybe 10 more mph, but just to the point that I don't have to worry about *accidentally* not minding my speed, especially on the roads around here.  I know these bikes are mostly air-cooled, so I guess the oil isn't meant to cool it down significantly.

Any help is appreciated! Including any other information that will help me in the future, what to watch for, etc.  Thanks!



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Re: 535 (?) Build
« Reply #1 on: Today at 10:54:31 PM »
This is a common situation, with questions that I see all the time.
You are not alone. :)

The answers are a bit more complicated.
The short answer is that if you intend to keep the bike near stock, there will be no increases in cruising speeds, period.  The only way to increase cruising speeds at all is to do some level of performance modification, which realistically entails a full engine rebuild with better quality internal parts. There are various ways to approach this, and it can be done at various budget levels, but it is not going to fall into the "inexpensive" category as usually defined by Bullet owners. So, there will need to be some level of desire to sink a bit of money into the bike, and the desire to keep it when it is done. It's going to be in the thousands, not in the hundreds, even if you do the labor yourself.

So, if you want more detail about how to get there, making performance Bullets is what we do, and we know all the tricks and budget methods to do it. If you want to go further with this idea, we can talk.