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Author Topic: Got my bike back!  (Read 821 times)

Rich Mintz

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Re: Got my bike back!
« Reply #15 on: September 04, 2013, 02:30:50 AM »
I think it was done a couple weeks ago, but they're busy and nobody bothered to call me.

My transmission failed in two stages. After stage 1, it could shift, but not below 2nd gear; after stage 2, it wouldn't shift at all.

When they first fixed it, they fixed only stage 2, but neglected to address stage 1. Not knowing the bike well, it wasn't obvious to them that it "wasn't fixed properly" when they were test-riding; it had a neutral (which was really a false neutral between 2nd and 3rd) and 4 gears; it didn't occur to them to say "hey, aren't there supposed to be 5 gears?"

When I picked it up the first time, I test-rode it in a 5-mile loop around the dealer and immediately realized what had happened. I brought it right back and explained that they had only fixed it partway. They immediately understood what I was saying, apologized, and said they would take the transmission apart. When they did, they discovered that the pin I'd found in my sump was indeed a shifter pin, and were able to fix it properly.

I wish I hadn't lost a whole summer of riding, but then again it gave me a chance to ride my other bikes...