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Author Topic: Rocket/Euro body swap?  (Read 175 times)


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Rocket/Euro body swap?
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:20:49 AM »

I have a pretty good lead on a used, 2000 Enfield with a Rocket (The
previous owner believes it's a Rocket) sidecar. More than likely a Cozy
brand, I would think. (Haven't seen the bike yet.) It should be easier
to get it road-worthy than my crash-damaged, 2006 iron barrel Military.
I'd like to eventually move the sidecar to the Military. I'd rather have
a Euro than a Rocket, however. Are the Euro and Rocket bodies
interchangable on a standard chassis/frame? If so, would it be a
fruitless search to find someone to swap bodies with? Swap my
Rocket (when I get it) for your Euro.
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Re: Rocket/Euro body swap?
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 02:58:36 AM »
I have helped mount an Inder Retro (looks just like a Kozi to me) and the Kozi Rocket on my Enfield G5.  Actually we have mounted/remounted the Rocket four times.  Anyway, the car body sits on the frame after all is mounted and operating.  I have driven the rig without a body on it.  A little scary in the right hand turns but it could be driven.  Looks to me that the bodies would be readily interchangeable.  Had a wild idea for the next time I'm in a parade:  take the body off and mount an old bath tub on it.  Might be a big hit in a Mardi Gras parade... :o
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Re: Rocket/Euro body swap?
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2015, 08:52:50 PM »
  If the deal comes to fruition, I'd like to eventually mount the sidecar
on my Military (if she comes back home after an insurance settlement).
As I'm hoping to achieve a more retro look, I'd like to swap the Rocket
for the Euro if I can find someone looking to move from a Euro to a
Rocket. I guess the ideal situation would be a commonality of the
mounting points between the two bodies of a Cozy sidecar. This would
facilitate a simple swap. I'd imagine both sidecars would have to be
Cozy brand as I doubt there is interchangability with the Inder. Having
seen both the Cozy and the Inder, I prefer the Inder's design and
fabrication, but am aiming for the Cozy as it seems available. The
Inder seems to be built better and of stouter material. Perhaps I'll
save myself a lot of grief and turn the 2000 bike/sidecar combo into a
 "Military" and put restoration of my crash-damaged '08 Military on the
back burner. If I can seal the deal on the bike/sidecar, I'd like to
eventually build a utility platform. I'd like to be able to drop the
passenger body and install a platform to haul things. There are a
lot of things I do with my pickup truck that I could do with a
sidecar. The possibilities are almost endless. Perhaps add a
grab bar for the more adventurous passengers.... Sidehack racing

So what made right turns hairy? Is the sidecar chassis a bit too flexible
without the body? I could see the possibility. The guy that originally
owned the bike/sidecar said it was easy to drop the sidecar for riding
with the bike in a "neat" configuration. I don't think he's very
mechanically-inclined, so the change must be fairly simple.

A bath tub? Full of ice and beer I hope.
'06, Iron Barrel Military...rode 'er like
she was meant to be rid. Hope to, again.