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Author Topic: New bike checkout  (Read 56 times)


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New bike checkout
« on: August 29, 2014, 06:23:36 PM »
As you read through the topics on this forum, you will notice that the most prevalent problem is some falling off their bike.
This is something that all RE owners need to be aware of, especially those with new bikes. Go over every nut and bolt when the bike is new and don't be shy with the Blue Loctite. Little things like the little screws on the muffler baffle to the big stuff like gas tank bolts are all liable to come loose. Fix (Loctite) them properly now and you shouldn't have any more problems later. Check and Loctite EVERY ONE of them. You don't have to mess with Engine case bolts and other engine specific parts , but you do need to do motor mount bolts, axles, clamping bolts, etc. For the airplane guys here, if it's and engine part, they should be good. If it's an airframe part, check it! That does include injector bodies and exhaust pipes.
From my experience, when I rode my bike home the first time, there was some buzzing coming from the rear of the bike. It took me a couple of hundred miles to figure out what it was. That was the muffler shield screws. Other bits and pieces needed tightening up as the mileage rose. I had several thousand miles. Then it really started to rattle loudly at certain RPMS. I tried to figure out what it was and finally discovered a tank but had fallen off the rear mount. The nut fell into the little boxes on top  of the gearbox, so I didn't lose anything. But the tank had developed a crack on the rear mount that I had to get heliarced. Since I drained and defumed the tank the guy only charged me $20, so I was happy. I didn't have to wait several weeks for a new tank!
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