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Author Topic: Loss of top end  (Read 4217 times)


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Re: Loss of top end
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2007, 10:52:54 PM »
Thanks for all the inputguys. I'm not too worried about top end anyway. Only reason for a speed check is curiosity. After remembering back on the days of makeshift mods on old dirt bikes (I'm talking early 70s), I think I know what happened.

I got a dyno run sheet from CMW, taken when they installed their kit on their own bike. By dyno run showed less hp than theirs, but more torque. After shaking loose a few brain cells, I'd be willing to bet the difference in in the fact that I have far less back preasure on my bike. A certain amount of restriction is beneficial.

I remember on my old trail bike, I'd remove the baffle when heading to the hills for a bit more low end power, but put it back in during the week when riding to school and back for better cruising speed.

As ir is, I like the feel of 30 pounds at the rear wheel. HP may be a bit down, but on the flat roads of Florida, who cares.

I might pick up another silencer and swap them to see what the difference is. (I drilled holes in the baffle of mine for better motor music.