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Author Topic: Gell Batteries - alert !  (Read 44 times)


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Gell Batteries - alert !
« on: August 26, 2014, 09:54:47 PM »
Hi All:
I have removed all things E/S, including the heavy OEM Lead Acid Battery from my bike, Buzzy. Instead I now use a small gell battery which is neatly tucked into my right hand tool box. Benefits are a see through mid section for the bike and about 25 lbs less weight on the bike. However, the gell battery does not have the same reserve storage capacity as the OEM lead acid battery it replaced.

Result, I accidently left the ignition key on for a period of time and when it came to kicking Buzzy into life, it was a nogo ! I was on the road and taking a break and when I could not get Buzzy Fired up, I had to call for my son to get me in my trusty Ram Truck and utility trailer. Very embarrassing to say the least. If I can't charge up the gell battery, I'll be looking for another that is the same size and weight but with better storage capacity.  Gells have many benefits but also some short comings.

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Re: Gell Batteries - alert !
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2014, 10:49:15 PM »
I think you'll find any battery will lose voltage with the key left on. More amp rating won't make it last any longer. ERC
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Re: Gell Batteries - alert !
« Reply #2 on: Today at 03:21:42 AM »
Just be thankful the battery died before your coil exploded.
Just dont leave the igniton off, if you shutdown the engine properly you canneigh forget.
Turn key to off while opening decomp, kills spark and compression and lets the engine slowly stop not hit a compression stage and go backwards.
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