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November 22, 2014, 02:17:12 PM

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Author Topic: New Ace Hi-Lift Roller Rocker Kit for the Ace Hi-Port India-made Bullet 500 head  (Read 1865 times)


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I don't know quite what effect that picture will have, I just hope counselling is available!  :o

Getting back to the Indian made 500 heads with the roller rockers, is the TM32 Mikunui still the preferred carb?

Hi Adrian,
We suggest a TM34 or TM36 for this GP head. It flows more than the regular Fireball, and has a higher rpm range.
The port entry is right at 1.495 square inches, which equates almost exactly to 35 mm round area. On a typical street build, we'd recommend the 34mm carb for the lower rpm torque retention and idling stability. For someone seeking 7000+rpm, we'd recommend the TM36. The 36mm would require a custom manifold stub because our manifold can only be enlarged out to about 34.5mm, or the wall gets too thin. Unless the very top of the rpm range is a big priority, the 34 will do fine. If someone wants the 36 and all it can give, we can make a manifold and match it for the 36, and enlarge the port entry to suit. We could do the same for a 38 too, if desired.

Basically, the rule of thumb is that the carb should set the minimum cross sectional area for fastest air velocity to take place over the jet, which provides best low pressure there, resulting in best atomization. There are other approaches, but we feel this approach is best for a carb equipped system.

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