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Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Remove Spray Paint
« Last post by hyperhad on Today at 02:08:51 AM »
I'll be speaking with him tomorrow after work.  I'm sure he will be pissed, but glad to get the paint off with my assistance.  It is nice to be able to help someone else for a change.
Parts and Accessories Q&A / Re: Airfly Engine Guard Fitting
« Last post by idk on Today at 02:06:33 AM »
Thanks for the pictures Dan. That looks good. Is that a G5 or C5?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: G5 Fuel Pump Problems
« Last post by gashousegorilla on Today at 02:04:51 AM »
 No.... your not looking for voltage at the sensor plug.  At the pump for voltage. And you should hear/ feel two relays clicking or pulling in, power relay and fuel pump.   And as Arizoni mentioned ... when the bike fails to start does the Mil light stay on ? 

  The pump needs a minimum of 6 volts to run... but if it's THAT low ?!   And the sensor does put out 3-5 v AC, but a resistance check should be telling....
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: G5 Fuel Pump Problems
« Last post by REG5 on Today at 01:51:43 AM »

I have not unplugged the hose from the pump. I guess I shouldn't have assumed it wasn't pumping.
Should I do this?

No mil code for the fuel pump, just the 6 long 6 indicating the short crank position sensor

I will check the fuel pump relay. I did hear one relay click on and off when kill switch is switched to run. It was near the battery and read O/E/N 730-1A-1201-TME 110 ohms. Not sure if thats relevant, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention. 

I promise I won't take off the side cover...yet   ;D

Thanks for the advice!
When the weather warms up, the whurring will be a thing of the past. :)
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: tryin' to get lubed
« Last post by Arizoni on Today at 01:47:56 AM »
Unless the bushings in the swing arm are replaced with metal ones, they don' need any grease. 

The hinges on the sidestand and centerstand get a shot of oil from an oil can.
The clutch lever doesn't need any lube.
The clutch cable does.  Lube it at least twice a year.
The chain needs lube.  At least every 500 miles or sooner.
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / '06 electra headlight replacement
« Last post by greenie on Today at 01:41:32 AM »
having a difficult time locating a replacement headlight bulb for my electra. 5 3/4" sealed beam. any suggestions? or part #'s? thanks!
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: G5 Fuel Pump Problems
« Last post by REG5 on Today at 01:39:05 AM »
I knew what you meant  :-X I'm sorry for asking that question in the first place  ;)

Good luck with the testing! I hope you sort it out soon. Great advice/people on this forum. GHG is a gem  8) Other members too!

Thank you! Trying to get this sorted as soon as possible. The gf doesn't like sharing the car  ;D
This forum is really awesome, I really appreciate the time users like GHG take to offer sound advice free of charge.

For the pump connection, I would check both the hot and ground at the plug it's self.... this way you are confirming ground AT the plug.    And when you find the plug for the crank sensor. , you can unplug it and check resistance, you should see 180-240 ohms.   It is a two wire plug... probably green and white wires.  The other one is the stator.

Okay, I think I checked the hot (red and blue stripe) today, but I will check the ground tomorrow. Alright, I'll check the crank sensor resistance as well. Should I also check the crank sensor voltage?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: G5 Fuel Pump Problems
« Last post by Arizoni on Today at 01:38:55 AM »
Thoughts on the fuel pump.

First off, did you try disconnecting the fuel hose from the pump?  Just because you can't hear the pump doesn't necessarily mean the pump isn't running.
The pump puts out over 40 psi so be careful if you've disconnected the hose.

With the kill switch turned to the "kill" position, the electrical power to the fuel pump is turned off.  The last thing one wants after a crash is for the fuel pump to keep on pumping fuel to the engine or onto their body.

The signal for a problem with the fuel pump is 4 long, 1 short flash.  It wasn't mentioned that the MIL was remaining "ON" and this code wasn't shown when the ECU memory was checked which leads me to believe the fuel pump circuit is not the problem.  The catch here is the ECU powers the fuel pump relay and doesn't seem to connect directly to the fuel pump.  It's possible that the relay coil is good so the ECU thinks the fuel pump circuit is good too.

In the Hot Dog cover, there is a fuel pump relay.  It is one of the little black boxes with 5 terminals on the back side.  Check to see if all of these relays are fully plugged in.
They should click when the key is turned on but they are small so they make a very small click sound.  The voltage supplied to the fuel pump goes thru this switch.  The voltage from the ECU (red/white wire) does not go directly to the fuel pump.  Rather, it actuates this relay.

There are several of these relays.  In addition to the fuel pump relay there is the main power relay.  If it is acting up, all of the engine related circuits may not be getting enough power.
The NAPA part number for these relays is AR272.  They cost about $14. USD

They look like the one shown in this link


Terminal 3 or 4 is from the ECU, the other one will be the path to ground.
Terminal 1 or 2 is from the battery.  The other one is to the fuel pump. 

The fuel pump operating voltage is 6v-14.5v

About the fault code.  As was mentioned, it may have been created when the mechanic was messing with installing the alternator or any time the ignition was switched on while the wire to the sensor was unconnected.

The fact that you didn't mention the MIL staying lit after the computer booted up indicates your electrical sensors are working fine.  You don't have a problem with the sensor unless the MIL remains lit.

If this is true, don't go tearing your side cover off or messing with the sensor wires except to make sure they are plugged in all the way.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: G5 Fuel Pump Problems
« Last post by gashousegorilla on Today at 01:29:18 AM »
  Tell that to my wife !!  LOL !
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