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The O2 sensor gets disabled when you install a power commander.  Take that installation to the next level by installing this block off plug to replace the O2 sensor and get rid of all those ugly wires.

Harley sportster muffler, nice heavy chrome - thump is perfect, and it looks correct based on the 1950s advert copies i've seen
totally agree!
I'm in the same situation, and of the same opinion, as you, eatworksleepdie. The sound is fine at low RPMs, but I really don't like the blat-blat-blat at higher revs.  I do like the look of the EFI (minus the extreme blueing), but much prefer the sound of the stock muffler.

 I found out one of my relatives works at a local Harley shop and he scooped one up for me from one of their customers who upgraded their pipes and didn't want their stock stuff.
I HIGHLY recommend you get one if you haven't already! Sounds great IMO! Much much nicer sounding than the EFI pipe. The EFI sounds really "raspy" to me. This has that dull thump similar to the stock pipe, but louder than our stock pipe sounds. It's exactly what I was looking for with the pipe. It could be a little louder, but in reality it's a good Db level.
Our pipe diameter is 1 5/8" and the Harley is 1 3/4". The pipe he gave me came with one of their band clamps that I used. It's thicker, more sturdy than the one that came with my bike. I used a cutoff wheel to notch 2 more cutouts, quartering the end of the muffler, then I lightly tapped the edges where the muffler mounts to the bike to reduce it's diameter a little. I tried to mount it, but it was still a little loose since the clamp wasn't meant to go down that small. To take up the space, I cut a stainless hose clamp to size so it was just the metal ring without the screw part and left a little gap for expansion. I put the cut clamp inside the muffler to take up the extra space, and slipped it on. Then tightened it down and viola!
You could probably avoid having to do all that if you modify the end of your exhaust pipe on your bike, but I didn't want to do that in case I didn't like the sound of the Harley pipe and wanted to revert back to the EFI or stock pipe.
For the bracket hanger part, I used the stock bracket from the stock pipe, bent it with a bench vise and hammer to get a better angle and bolted it up! It has an extra hole at the bottom, but it's all good. I might eventually replace that bracket, but wanted to get it mounted now. :P
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: vibration in bars and pegs...
« Last post by eatworksleepdie on Today at 02:09:45 PM »
I assume you have checked the head steady to see if it is cracked or its fasteners are loose?
The other engine mount bolts have been known to be loose or to fail.

If either of these areas have cracked or loose parts the engine vibration will be very noticeable.

I should have asked what you were referring to when you referenced "head steady".

Finally, my bike is ride-able again! holy smokes that was a doozy. After tinkering around with tightening/loosening bolts etc.. Right before a long ride, I loosened some of the mounting bolts just messing around with vibration etc. It of course made it worse which was expected. But, I had a long ride to go on with a group and didn't have time to stop. This brought out the vibration a ton. Blessing in disguise was it also made the culprit rear it's ugly head! My Tank started getting more and more loose, and the vibration increased with the tank loosening. Got home and tightened down the tank and the front engine mounting bolts and viola!
I never noticed there was a bracket (the head steady) connecting the motor to the top of the frame where the tank/seat meet! so dumb of me. Anyway, yeah that was it. I finally don't want to wrap my bike around a tree in frustration anymore! haha.

Lesson learned. Don't trust any "factory" torqued nuts/bolts to save your life. Nothing has been tight on this bike. My wife and I have lost so many nuts/bolts from things just rattling off. Loctite stock anyone!?
Installed the canvas front fork bag from Nfield gear.  I like the way it fits and looks.  Going for my first service in a couple of days.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: software update
« Last post by JVS on Today at 01:53:58 PM »
Oh yup!

But you never know...one day! one daaaaay they might make an update for overseas EFIs.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: software update
« Last post by Kevin Mahoney on Today at 01:44:14 PM »
I keep chasing these rumors with no joy. I have checked as recently as last week in person. Bear in mind that the Indian EFI system bears no resemblance to ours. They use an open loop system (no O2 sensor). They do this because of cost and the lower emission standards found in India.
Bullet Classic Models / Re: Compression Test Question...
« Last post by High On Octane on Today at 01:25:40 PM »
I'm wondering if you don't need a bigger cut away on the slide.  When I first installed my new carb (Amal MK1 930) I was getting some popping and hesitation with the #3 cut away slide no matter what jets I installed.  I installed the #3.5 cut away and almost all of running problems were solved.  Fuel related anyways.  Also, I live at 5,400' and often ride at elevations of 8,000-12,000' without retuning and don't have the problems you have been dealing with.

Scottie J
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: software update
« Last post by JVS on Today at 01:22:18 PM »
I expect this gentleman's inbox to have a busy few days ahead of it. lol

I told him to be ready for that lol
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Chain Lube recommendations
« Last post by High On Octane on Today at 01:20:57 PM »
I do something similar on my XT225 dual sport bike with a non O-ring chain. I remove the chain (takes about 5 minutes), drop it in a gallon jug of gasoline, let it soak for a while, fish it out, lay it on a sidewalk, and blast it clean with a hose and spray nozzle. None of this will hurt it, because it's all steel, no o-rings. I then drop it into a jug of engine oil to soak.

I would clean my dirt bike chains this way after playing in the mud, except I didn't have a spare and after soaking in fuel I would spray it with compressed air, not water.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Amal carb conversion
« Last post by High On Octane on Today at 01:17:18 PM »
No bike emissions in Colorado.  In fact, here in CO, all you need is a switchable headlight, tail/brake light, a side mirror, plate, and DOT tires to be street legal.  It is VERY common here to see little 2 strokers converted to street use and ready for the trails.

My son's Grandpa is a Hot Rodder too, and when I met him he had a '68 Buggy with a 130HP VW motor in it.  That thing would stand the front wheels up so damn high you felt like you were going to fall right out the top of the buggy!      :o     ;D

Scottie J
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