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Bullet Classic Models / Re: all fired up!
« Last post by devon john on Today at 01:12:43 AM »
a mate came around with a strobe ,we timed it to 34deg(i was way out) its running really well and starts first kick!!
need to get some miles on it now!

Thanks for all the replies!
When I first worked on the bike the oil level was VERY low and very black. It was supposed to be within it's change schedule. The magnet on the drain bolt had a good bit of fuzz on it, no chunks no hunks, just fine sludgey goo of magnetic particles. None of this was very good, in my opinion, but I didn't know what to make of it yet. I didn't have a detailed maintenance record or anything like that.
Ordered a complete gasket set and opened up the right side cover because there were bits of gasket coming out and oil leaking over the swingarm, chain, inside the rear fender, all over back wheel. this is characteristic of oil coming out the airbox but I didn't check it then. The gasket bits were no big deal, just extraneous bits around the drive sprocket cover if you know what I mean....
So I did overfill at first, it was hard to gauge, and info online stated anywhere from just under 2L to 2.3L...
A few days later I checked the oil while hot on the centerstand, and it wasn't showing up in the window. So I added a bit more and the next day it pushed it out the breather again and the level was back juuuust under the window. I left it as is, and there was very little oil coming out, but after a week I checked the bike (it's my friend's bike that I'm trying to maintain for him) and the oil level was too low for my comfort and looking pretty black, so I added some more and it spit it out.
I have since learned about the oil/air labyrinth and the gasket in the breather chamber, and I'm very eager to get it opened up to see what's going on in there.
I will check for the oil pump o-ring when I'm in there as well. I have some oil change kits on order and I'll sort it out when they come in.
The air filter looked fine, but I will check it again. It has a plastic cover over it that the dealer added at some point after purchase, it seems that it's trying to direct air from the little vent in the back of the airbox directly to the filter, but it also keeps the oil off.

I suppose a compression test is in the cards. :-\
Bullet Classic Models / Re: Bad Stator?
« Last post by Arizoni on Today at 12:19:19 AM »
It might not help but this pdf file link could have something that will help.
Your computer will need Adobe to open the file.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Stuttering/Surging when cold
« Last post by Graylic on April 23, 2014, 10:45:25 PM »
Beginning last fall my g5 has been stuttering and loosing power when cold(outside temp <50F) most noticeable when getting on the highway about 1 mile into my morning commute.  I do not typically have any issues on the hilly 30mph street leading up to the highway, but when I try to accelerate up to 50 from a stop the bike will go between full power and hardly anything.  Once finally up to speed the problem mostly goes away, and there is no issue once the bike is warmed up.  Another possibly related issue is that I intermittently have difficulty kick starting the bike(I know how to find tdc), and the bike will sometimes not idle when cold with out a bit of throttle.  E-start is fine as long as I give the throttle a slight twist.
I initially assumed this was related to my terminally leaky exhaust header gasket but that has been fixed.
The bike has 3300 miles on it, runs great otherwise, and the spark plug has been replaced.
Possible causes to look into:
paint in the fuel filter
loose electrical connections/low battery
EFI not properly mapped for cold weather
Any other ideas?
Absolutely everything to fix flat tires. I have carried 50 pounds of tools on bikes before, but I don't want a rack or saddlebags on the Bullet. It still takes quite a few tools and parts to repair a flat on a bike with tube type tires, which I carry in a backpack. I usually average 1-2 flats a year on bikes, so I consider it an absolute necessity.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: What did you do to your Royal Enfield today?
« Last post by heloego on April 23, 2014, 10:31:47 PM »
I'm thinking along the lines of mounting a .040" aluminum plate internal to my rack and attach the case to it using Dzus Fasteners and receptacles. I can't weld worth a damn, so the plate could be attached with steel Adell clamps.

For mounting the case to the plate, something like these, which I can get free from work:


Or maybe some sort of slide-in arrangement with a locking feature... ::) hmmm...
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: False neutral?
« Last post by heloego on April 23, 2014, 10:18:12 PM »
FNs on my C5 have been minimal. Any I get are caused by me.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Cleaned up that awful rear end!
« Last post by High On Octane on April 23, 2014, 09:43:09 PM »
You have struck the entire essence of our GT.  We view it as only a platform for you to fool with until it suits you. I would like to post some pictures on FB but they will not share the way you have them set up.

As for sacrilege - unlike cutting up a historical piece we are making these everyday so get out that torch and have at it.

+1  Do It To It!    :D
Bullet Classic Models / Re: Bad Stator?
« Last post by High On Octane on April 23, 2014, 09:41:11 PM »
OK.  When testing the stator you need to check between all the different variations of the wires.  It is possible you were testing the idle circuit that was only 25 volts.  Also, to test the rectifier put your volt meter on the ohms setting or continuity setting.  Test between the stator inputs and also the negative and positive wires to make sure you have continuity throughout the rectifier.  If there is continuity throughout the rectifier is good, if there is a fault in between any of the wires you have a bad rectifier.  It's not too common to have a bad stator unless the rotor is rubbing like my stupid bike keeps doing, but that's another thread.

Scottie J
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: False neutral?
« Last post by GSS on April 23, 2014, 09:40:37 PM »
+1.  C5 went from regular false neutrals to none at about 500 miles.......clutch adjustment does help.  The GT has had zero false neutrals!
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