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I wouldn't think you just connect the ECU wires to just any old wire in the cable but I don't know about these things.

I'm sure you are right!  I've put an enquiry on the YouTube page for more details - we'll see if the guy responds.
These are the two types of sprag clutches in REs -


Thanks, singhg5.  So I am right - there is no centrifugal element to their operation, it really is just a one way drive.  So how can a low battery cause it to slip?  Or thick oil?  Surely the only way it can slip is if it's knackered (or on the way to being knackered).
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: A quick UCE question...
« Last post by SteveThackery on Today at 10:11:36 AM »

some specs: Engine air-cooled single-cylinder, two-stroke, bore 64 mm., stroke 70 mm., displacement 225 cc., power rating 2.25 hp.

Actually, am I right in thinking that the "power rating" was calculated quite differently from how we do it now?  These days we measure "brake" horsepower, which is a proper measure of power.  I vaguely remember they would calculate the hp back then, for tax purposes, rather than measure it.  Wasn't it based on the bore and the number of cylinders?  Rather than the actual power of the engine?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: O2 sensor "cheater" - @GHG?
« Last post by SteveThackery on Today at 10:08:01 AM »
  Here you go Steve... hope it helps.    You should be able to trace it back to the ECU from there. 
"Green" resister to Black and White wires on the harness plug.
 "yellow" resister  to red and white wires on the harness plug.

That's great - thank you!  This weekend I'll put two resistors in the connector, as shown, and just see what happens.  It'll be interesting - I'll report back.
Campfire Talk / Re: World's largest turban and he is a Bulleteer!
« Last post by AgentX on Today at 09:40:54 AM »
I worked with a Sihk battalion in the Congo a little bit.  (UN...they had powder blue turbans...)  As I recall they had one-piece turbans, kind of like a clip-on tie, which could be exchanged for a helmet quickly.  I could be mis-remembering, however.

I've also seen Sikh men wearing a cloth head covering which isn't a full turban; that could go a under a helmet, as well, although I think the typical hair topknot could get in the way.
Damn.  I'm a hair's breadth from having that sent to my father in law in RI.
Campfire Talk / Re: More tech "advancements"
« Last post by medioXcore on Today at 07:21:53 AM »
Yeah, I'm good. I think that would offer too many distractions. And, maybe it's just me, but one needs less distractions on a two wheeled death machine.  I don't even listen to my iPod while riding.
Campfire Talk / Re: World's largest turban and he is a Bulleteer!
« Last post by medioXcore on Today at 07:12:42 AM »
I went to AIT (where we learn how to do our job in the army) with a Sikh. He was allowed to wear his turban with the uniform, but when it came time for battle drills, he took it off and wore the helmet. It's one of those things that they do if they have to.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: sit on it!
« Last post by olhogrider on Today at 06:49:30 AM »
The irony of seats: what feels soft and lovely at first is killing you an hour later, what feels like a brick when you sit on it feels great 8 hours later.  People never believe me but it's true.

Sometimes. Corbins are typically hard as a rock but properly shaped for a human butt. My corbin on my XT225 was a huge improvement! Still the best seat I ever had for day long comfort was a factory seat that used 3 densities of foam. The stiffest layer was the base and held the shape. The next layer absorbed most of the shock. The top layer was pillowy soft. I spent as much as 15 hours on it one day. It was too ugly for words but I didn't care. Some people like gel, some like air and others like wooden beads. I suppose it comes down to the shape and padding of your butt.

Campfire Talk / Re: World's largest turban and he is a Bulleteer!
« Last post by The_Rigger on Today at 06:47:48 AM »
Serious question, 'cuz I'm curious: In my trade we occasionally are required to wear hard hats or construction helmets on the job. How does a Sikh deal with that? Do you wear the hard hat over your turban? Or are you prevented from taking occupations that would require you to not wear the turban publicly?

Absolutely no disrespect intended; I seriously would like to know more about other cultures than my own, if I am permitted to know these things.
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