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I'd rather have a dead tire than a dead engine any day.  And a stand up bicycle pump is also nice to have in the garage.  I never fire up my compressor, not even to top up the cars.


My wife already has huge boobs, now I need heads that flow huge numbers.

W-A-A-A-A-A-Y TMI...  ;D
I came off a Monster 800 and for the first week or two I felt like I was riding a moped again. After a bit you should settle in and get used to it.  It's a different experience when you're not trying to apex every corner.  And a pleasantly relaxing one.  Give it some time, it will grow on you ;)

The majority of my riding is in the city, and depending on the route, can be done with about 5 stops. Speed using any of my routes can go from 35 to 55. As a result, I'm not really pushing very hard. The only catch, is that I ride in a mountain region. I routinely see elevation changes of up to 500ft daily and it's not uncommon to see upwards of 1000ft changes if I go into the mountains.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Tire pressure and mileage
« Last post by krimp on Today at 03:18:39 PM »
The first tank is done. I got 66 MPG on the last tank. Tire pressure is 30F/38R.
Campfire Talk / Re: Royal Enfield and Ambassador Car
« Last post by GreenMachine on Today at 03:01:17 PM »
 No other car ever did that before or after the Ambassadors. What a POS!

I felt that way as a child  in the back of my parents AMC red Rambler... I never got a chance to drive one so I never developed any Psychosomatic issues  :o..I did note a disapproval from my mother when Dad decided to trade in her small low powered manual windowed wagon for a oversized gas sucking white Ford Country squire complete with the electric options of the day...In retrospect that car saved her life when she got T bones on the passenger side when making a left turn thru a yellow light..Those old ambassador probably saved a few people from injury especially with all those Brahmans walking about... 8)  GM
Picked up the bike last night.

So I'm not quite sure how to feel about my purchase.... yet.
I rode it for about 1 hour home, non-freeway, but up to about 55mph. My butt felt kind of numb from the vibrations about half way through.

I'm coming from 6 years of riding supersport bikes up to 1000cc, so I'm very very not used to the lack of power. People were passing me all the time. The speedo looks to be reading proper... The brakes are soft and don't bite as hard as I'm used to and my stopping distance I increased a great deal to be on the safe side.

I read all the reviews and they were all pretty much bang on. But can't help but feel ... I'm not sure the word... unsatisfied? When I look at the bike, it looks amazing, still love the look.

Its only been a day... I'm thinking maybe I need to manage my expectations and give myself time to get adjusted to this different style of riding.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Tick Tick Tick?
« Last post by ROVERMAN on Today at 01:04:55 PM »
Spaceaviator, if you are really concerned see if the dealer will be willing to do a comparison with your bike and one he has, assuming he has any. This can backfire of course......but then he may at least look into it further. My 2cts worth.
Campfire Talk / Re: Video from my band.
« Last post by Ragmas on Today at 12:55:10 PM »
Good music, costumes and theatrics. Ragmas: Are u the fellow dancing from the end of a rope...

No sir, I'm the "Singer" Bass player.


Campfire Talk / Re: My old band-a bit more folky.....
« Last post by Ragmas on Today at 12:54:21 PM »
Sounds good here.  Hell, aint nothin wrong with a Mando. After all, it's just a 8 string upside down 2 octave too high bass.  I'd play one but the strings are too close to eachother and the fret spaces are just too small.  Looks like a good time.

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