Get Your Iconic Ride with Royal Enfield Type Bullet

Get Your Iconic Ride with Royal Enfield Type Bullet

Amidst the new motorcycle models popping day by day, are you in thirst for an old classic? If that’s the case, don’t miss the iconic Bullet from Royal Enfield, one of the first Royal Enfield creation. It’s a must buy, especially for riders who adore old designs along with the hardy engine.

1. The First Motorcycle in History
Has been serving from the early days of World War II, Bullet is one of the oldest motorcycle lines in history and still actively produced. In fact, this iconic look has been invented a few decades before Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still operating today, was founded.

The first Bullet model was produced in 1901. However, as the year goes, the model received more polishing until the manufactures decided to retain it in 1932. Since 1955, the founding of Enfield India, Bullet has been placed in the rack as the brand’s face and stayed iconic ever since.

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2. Iconic, Lasting Design
Modest, but hardy – that’s what the designers put their mind in Bullet. And that idea sure lives. Even after producing several more bike types, Bullet is still the most iconic creation of Royal Enfield in 2019. They even decided to keep the smoothly painted brand over the embossed letters solely for Bullet.

Just by seeing Bullet, any rider will feel how special the bike is. Most of its machine parts are displayed open, and along with the iconic pinstripes, it became so iconic that it’s declared the living inheritance of bikes.

3. Hit The Road The Iconic Way
Don’t be afraid to explore the roads with Bullet. Though the design is old, the build is still as tough as it was back in the 1930s, if not stronger. See the handmade chrome roll by the road, giving you a steady and secure feeling during the ride. No matter how far you go, the trip will always feel grand riding Bullet.

Not to mention, Bullet lives the legend of how the machine beats and roll haven’t changed. Even just sitting and turning on the engine is a special experience. Besides that, you can pick the experience between riding on 350cc or 500cc.

With its hardy iconic design, Bullet definitely gives off the air of antique. However, being antique doesn’t mean that it’s rusted to the core – since its first production in 1932, Bullet has been polished by Royal Enfield to be as shiny as it always been.

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