Have a WWII Riding Experience with Royal Enfield Type Classic

Have a WWII Riding Experience with Royal Enfield Type Classic

Type Bullet is great because it’s iconic, but what if you want a true feeling riding history? Well, don’t start caving in money for an antique bike altogether, because you can realize your dream by selecting an experience with one of Royal Enfield’s Classic Type model.

  • A Lone Wolf’s Ride
    To put the design simple, it is just about the same as Bullet. After all, the designs are an improvement from one to another. However, the first noticeable thing of these classic models is their one-seater.

In order to maintain both history and experience for its new riders, Royal Enfield decided to keep the seat just like the 1901 model, one-seater. So, it’s the best choice for those who like to enjoy long trips and get in touch with the road by themselves, just like how the soldiers gas it up individually to war.

  • Engine All Bare, Just Like The Old Days
    Though Royal Fields’ new models didn’t exactly cover their engines, old designs like the Classic line tend to pop it out more. That’s because they mostly use the original metal colour for the engine. Not to mention, the muffler also bends around the edges of the engine as well, making the whole setting even more noticeable. That, in itself, is the charm of classic models.

-A Model for An Experience
Usually, motorbike brands would just put one type of model with several colour selections. However, Classic gave us special leisure to pick from nine models designed for different ‘battlefield’, just as why the motorbikes are made, to begin with.

Since Enfield’s motorbikes were originally made for World War II purposes, each model has a different type of tracks to be in. For example, CL Stealth Black and CL Gun Grey are perfect for a night mission since the colour will blend right away with the night.

If going black is not up to your tastes, there are eight different ‘battlefields’ you can pick. There are CL Desert Storm for the desert voyage, CL Army Green for the ground forces, CL Blue Squadron for the air forces, and both CL Classic and CL Chrome for those who want that old-school, post-war charm!

Yes, Type Classic indeed took its name loyally. The design hasn’t changed much back before Bullet, making it the true classic of Royal Enfield. With its trademark one-seater, Classic offers many types of experience based on its models for a true experience.

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