How to Maintain Royal Enfield (Routine)

How to Maintain Royal Enfield (Routine) – Unless you have a comfortable financial life, having Royal Enfield parked in your garage would take great effort. It is set on a high price, so the owners should take proper measurement on the maintenance steps. Apart from the regular cleaning and polishing, there are more steps to do.

– Service and Oil Change
It has been the talk of the town that Royal Enfield maintenance costs a lot. While this is true, the manufacturer has made progress to cut this spending. Previously, you need to do service every 3000 km or roughly three months. Now you can drive a little longer, as the service should be done after 6000 km or six months.

Similar improvement also applies to oil change. Now you could change the oil after 12.000 km or roughly one year. Previously, you should do this every 6 months or 5000 km. Similar to the entire online games in, they get better and better.

– Air Pressure
Don’t forget to check the air pressure in each tire. The number would be different, depending on the total passenger on the motorbike. If you are riding alone, then get 20 for the front and 30 for the rear. If you have a passenger on pillion, then make it 22 and 32.

– Scratch And Rain
Your lovely motorbike is still prone to scratch. If you find one, apply vaseline as the first aid. Don’t wait too long to repaint the scratched part. Otherwise, it will be a permanent fixture.

Should you ride under rain and forget the raincoat, wipe the motorbike dry as soon as you arrive at home. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe the surface. Mind your action on the exhaust fan and silencer; they might be too hot to handle.

– Morning Start Up Engine
How do you start the engine of Royal Engine in the morning? Instead of hitting the electric starter, you should work with the kick starter first. Do it three to four times. If the engine is not starting, use the electric starter. Before you pull the gas, wait for one minute or count to 60.

– Fuel Limit
On the speedometer, you will see a fuel bar. Best time to stop at the gas station is when the bar points to “reserve”. It is great to have a full tank, but never let it go above “full” meter. Otherwise, the fuel will leak when you put on side standard.

In short, maintaining Royal Enfield requires big attention and lots of time. No wonder, many riders could spend hours in the garage, especially when it is time for maintenance. Look carefully for any sign of damage and check whether it could be repaired. If you could do this regularly, then you could keep Royal Enfild performance as its best.

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