Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019

Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019

Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019 – Are you a Royal Enfield rider looking for a tour? Pack your things and get ready for Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019! This full-riding one week tour will give you the beautiful landscape stretches from Jakarta to Bali. Do you want to know what’s in store during this tour?
• Distance, Destination, and Duration
The Tour of Indonesia will be held starting from March 17th until 22nd, 2019, with the first day for safety checking and second till the last day riding from Jakarta to Bali. The total distance of this tour is around 1400 km and will be divided into approximately seven hours of riding per day on Tarmac terrain. Each day, there will be a destination point riders need to reach, which are:

  • (March 18th) The road start from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya.
  • (March 19th) Trips ensue from Tasikmalaya to Jogjakarta.
  • (March 20th) From Jogjakarta, the trip continues to Malang.
  • (March 21st) From the last checkpoint, the tour advances to Probolinggo.
  • (March 22nd) On the final day, the riders will cross to Bali and end the tour after crossing the roads of Bedugul.

• What Should You Bring On The Road?
Since it’s a full-week trip, it will be hard for riders to wing it on the road. So, it’s best to prepare for basic travelling needs (toiletries, clothes, meds, water, and raincoat) and riding needs (full face helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, and pants suitable for motor riding.) It’s even better if you equipped your ride with an extra compartment to store all of those needs.

• Register Today!
Royal Enfield offered a full online registry process including the payment. Though there’s no written limit, they stated who ‘first come, first serve.’ So, if you are really interested to join, make sure to register and pay as soon as possible. Royal Enfield gives its participant options to get one room accommodation (6,5 million rupiahs) or twin room (4,5 million rupiahs.)

Besides that, health is also a priority for the registry. The web suggested for applicants to try five-and-fifty health test, which consisted of 50 push-ups and walking 5 km. If you can do it under 50 minutes, you are good to go.

This five days, full ride tour is not something to miss for Royal Enfield riders. This event will not only give you the chance for an intensive road-trip, but also the chance to gather with the community member from Indonesia. Are you ready for what’s in store on this tour?

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