Royal Enfield Bullet 2020, One of the Most Popular Models Comes Back Stronger

Royal Enfield Bullet 2020: One of the Most Popular Models Comes Back Stronger

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world. The company has introduced several models, but Royal Enfield Bullet is one of its most popular models voted after by its loyal customers. However, there was news that the model was discontinued in 2020. Here is the update you need.
– Royal Enfield 500 CC
It is true that the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc was discontinued in 2020, but it is only applicable in Indian markets. The company stated that the model was discontinued because the model cannot meet the standard of the new regulation related to the emission. The company decreased production of the model at the beginning of January and stopped production on March 31. However, the company still produces the model for export customers.

– The New Royal Enfield 650 CC
Customers outside India can still buy a motorcycle, but lots of people now prefer to buy the newest Royal Enfield model with twin cylinders. Lots of people are interested in buying this new model because the Royal Enfield has never introduced a motorcycle with twin cylinders before and people are eager to try out the new innovation.

This new model was introduced internationally in 2019 and the company worked together with Harris Performance to develop this model. There are two models of 650 cc that can be chosen, namely Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 and Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

If you like the classic model of Royal Enfield, you won’t be disappointed because the 650 cc models have the standard classic design. Both variations share the same brake, exhaust, tires, and suspension. The handlebars are also well-designed to ensure more comfortable riding. Lots of parts of the motorcycle have advanced design which makes it different from the old 500 cc, but the lights still use halogen and the speedometer is analog which somehow makes the motorcycle look old-fashioned. But, you don’t need to worry if you play live casino games because it uses the latest technology.

It is true that the popular model, Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc, was discontinued in India in 2020. But, the customers in other countries do not need to worry because this model is still distributed. You can also opt out for the new model, Royal Enfield 650 cc.

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