Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan – The Only Bike You Will Ever Need

People who like to tour the lands with their bikes would think that any models from Royal Enfield would be sufficient for their journey. But what about the most ideal model? Enter Himalayan, the best bike for touring that will make you never miss the other bikes.

• Evolution to Perfection
It’s no wonder that Himalayan is dubbed as the ‘perfect’ motorbike. After all, this model is a major improvement to all of Royal Field’s designs. It definitely still inherit some parts of the Bullet’s iconic look. However, it’s also managed to turn that design into a sleek, versatile, and comfortable product.

Plus, considering that it is designed for touring, the design successfully realized versatility for all sorts of tracks. This ability is actually what makes Himalayan ‘perfect’. Let’s not forget that it’s stable both ridden sitting and standing.

• Perfect For All Terrain
When touring, it’s not unusual for riders to want to try uncharted paths. So, it would be best to get a bike that’s capable of such wishes. This is where Himalayan shines – with duplex split cradle and travel suspensions buffing the engine, the bike proves to be stable even when passing rocky roads.

Of course, the claim isn’t only pointed for rocky paths. In fact, it’s designed to adapt easily to any sort of field while giving the smoothest ride possible. So, even if the terrain constantly changes, riders can feel at ease as long as they ride on Himalayan.

• The Dream Bike For Tourers
The features of Himalayan are mostly familiar and basic as well and it shines that way. After all, the whole Royal Enfield line is dedicated to the classic WWII era appearance. Looks aside, the versatility definitely will win the hearts of those who are born for tours.

It’s a good choice, indeed. Even when riders are not up for touring, they can still use it on normal roads without any problem. Since they are not as bulky as other touring bikes and versatile to all sorts of terrain, it would be easy for riders to adjust to small and non-asphalt paths.

Is Himalayan a perfect motorcycle? Of course, not, there is always room for improvement for this hunk. However, it’s still one of the best bikes that can offer you great touring experience. With such a hardy design, riders will be able to pass all sorts of terrain, making your journey smoother than ever.

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