Royal Enfield Int650

Royal Enfield Int650, the Most Affordable Motorcycle

Royal Enfield has been known as one of the oldest motorcycle brands. This infamous company has introduced different motorcycles since 1901 and Royal Enfield Int650 is one of the newest models. Lest take a look at this motorcycle closer.

Royal Enfield Int650 has both classic and modern touch that everyone loves. Every part of the motorcycle is well-developed to make the reader comfortable in riding it. The motorcycle comes with Pirelli Phantom Sport-comp tires 100/90 R18 front and 130/90 R18 rear. During the making, the motorcycle is tested regularly to make sure that it supports great balance, durable, and easy handling. Riding this motorcycle will be very comfortable since it is designed for everyday use with a comfortable seating position. The great news for is that it comes with various colors that you can choose, such as Silver Spectre, Baker Express, Mark Three, Ravishing Red, Orange Crush, as well as Glitter and Dust. However, each color has different prices starting from £5,500 or around $7,000.

Royal Enfield Int650 comes with a parallel-twin engine that makes it better. It is a 270-degree firing interval and it results in a unique sound like the other Royal Enfield motorcycles specialty. The engine encourages a better balance and reduces vibration. It also has a six-speed gearbox that will bring more power. Changing the gear is perfectly smooth and you can experience faster riding for more than 90 miles per hour. This Int650 comes with 320 mm disc at the front and 240 mm at the rear, and it results in great handling.
Royal Enfield Int650 is actually the first parallel-twin engine motorcycle from this brand. This model is very suitable for those who like the combination of a classic and modern touch. The motorcycle is well-designed and you can explore any road without a hassle. The price starts at $7,000 and you can choose the color you like.

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