Royal Enfield Rumbler 500

Royal Enfield Rumbler 500 – The Thunderbird of Road Trips

Royal Enfield Rumbler 500 – The Thunderbird of Road Trips – Are you looking for the best motorcycle to accompany your personal long journeys on the road? Then get ready to meet Rumbler 500 by Royal Enfield. Designed to be as comfortable as it is accommodating, it is best chosen for riders who are into discovering new, untouched tracks.
• Ride Nonstop
Ever dream to ride your motorcycle without a lot of gas station trips? Well, with Rumbler 500, that dream can become reality. With 20 litre tank at max capacity, riders can ride miles and miles away without the need of looking for a gas station so often. Not to mention, the petrol hole is designed right in front of the rider’s seat – a classic design of Royal Enfield that ensure riders to be able to fill their gas and hit back the road without standing up.

• Optimal Seating and Footrest
Who wants to ride for a long time with uncomfortable seating? Well, lucky you, because Rumbler 500’s seat is designed quite flat with an optimal height for riders to reach the footrest. So, whether the road allows speeding as much as you wanted to or requires patience for traffic jams, Rumbler 500 will be as comfortable as possible.

Plus, riders can bring a passenger on the back. Again, since the seat is quite flat, they will be comfortable even after a few hours. However, as an extra for those who want to go on solo road trips, it’s also very easy to install baggage compartment on the passenger seat.

• Old but Gold Colour Selection
Are you interested to buy Rumbler 500? Then pick a colour. This series only offered two colour variation, which is Marine and Stone. Marine gave us the classic hue of metallic blue, giving the vehicle a spaz of colour without making it stood out in a bad way.

If a rider prefers sleek aesthetic, however, Stone might be much better. The obsidian casings and seat will make the vehicle looked just like a sweeping crow on the road. Plus, it is less noticeable compared to Marine without losing the classic touch. For this specification rumbler 500 you can visit, that give full review.

If you are seeking prolonged hours on the road with the best comfort possible, Rumbler 500 is certainly one of the best motorcycles to choose. Since the saddle is quite flat, riders can sit as comfortable as possible even with an extra passenger at the back. Be it Marine or Stone, both will serve as the most comfortable road motorcycle.

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