What Riders Love about Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has been around for more than a century and it is loved since. This Indian-based brand is not only popular in the Indian market, but also around the world. There are more than 20,000 units sold every year and the number is still increasing. What actually makes this brand popular?

Constantly Innovating
Royal Enfield officially goes to the public in 1901. The brand receives good feedback from the Indian market as well as global market. The riders are attracted by the classic yet modern design. The popularity doesn’t stop Royal Enfield from innovating. There are numerous motorcycle models from this brand, from the classic one to Int650, the latest model. The various models here give the riders the privilege to choose the best model based on their needs.

Built with Great Features and Specifications
The second charm of Royal Enfield is the features and specifications for every model. The features and specification here are also updated constantly and they refer to the market needs to build the motorcycle. The features and specifications get better each time and riding the motorcycle won’t be as comfortable as before.

Riders can participate in Various Events and Test Drive
The best thing about this brand is the events that the riders can participate in. They create various international events for every Royal Enfield lovers. Other than events, this brand also provides the test drive event for those who want to buy a certain model. These various events are open for everyone and more importantly, the events are held regularly each year.

The fact that Royal Enfield still exists until today is because of its constant innovation. The products are built based on market needs. Although some models are pretty expensive, lots of riders still choose this brand because of the quality. No wonder, it gets more and more popular.

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