Why Choose Royal Enfield?

Why Choose Royal Enfield

Why Choose Royal Enfield? – Many people would agree that motorcycles are a means of transportation, helping you to commute from one place to another. For some people, motorcycles is their obsession. Instead of going for the regular brand, they would pick the classic and sometimes pricey items like Royal Enfield. Is it the only reason to love this brand?
– Top Technology
A great product comes from careful planning and great technology implementation. In Royal Field research labs, the engineer constantly work on better models and innovation. They take into account the suggestions and recommendations from the customers. What is lacking in the current model will be fixed and upgraded on the next exhibit.

To help with technology advancement, Royal Enfield engineers have sophisticated software; the latest CAD/CAM workstation. Instead of creating real prototype, they could build the 3D models using this software and test their theories. There is also product development room. After the model is created, it is time to put theories into real condition.

Why does Royal Enfield manufacture labs go this far? The answer is simple; they want the customers to enjoy better improvement on their next lines. Therefore, they build better standard in each release. Like how makes sure each player can bet online in satisfaction. Royal Enfield works for perfection too.

– Stylish Design
If you look closely, Royal Enfield design is more or less similar to Harley Davidson. It is big, sturdy and make great bikes. This prestige motorbike somehow could stand on both classic and modern approach. You could practically fit it to either vintage, temporary or classic theme. Each component screams for the Royal Enfield’s signature look.

There are plenty of motorbikes brand, but only Royal Enfield that could give you a different experience. It is like no other, since you are technically sitting on the strong engine that comes from powerful manufacturer. Even its handling steers fell so sturdy yet look so high class. There is no better word to explain how great Royal Enfield aside of “magnificent”.

Royal Enfield

The most popular designs from this brand includes The Bullet, The Classic and The Continental. Each of them fit for different purposes. Bullet is made for any purpose, while classic is coated to be the best looking motorbike. As for Continental, it makes best partner for long hours riding.

Some motorbikes are created for its function, while others are made for display as well. Royal Enfield is one of the oldest manufacturers. Thus, it cares about the look, performance and built. You as the rider should feel the pride of the brand. Are you ready to get one?

Why You Have to Visit Royal Enfield Blog?
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Why You Have to Visit Royal Enfield Blog?

Why You Have to Visit Royal Enfield Blog? – Royal Enfield has been known so well as one of the legendary motorcycles that you can find on the market today. This awesome motorbike has the historical values as it has existed for more than a hundred years. Then, its distinctive and classic design will definitely suit your fabulous style anytime and anywhere you ride this motorcycle. Based on this, do not ever be surprised that there are so numerous people who really love this two wheeled vehicle. Even, they have created a blog where you can find out anything you want to know about the motorcycle. Well, this nice blogs also has several things that make you keep visiting it whenever you have the chance.
– The Trustworthy Platform
One of the many reasons why you have to visit Royal Enfield Blog is that it can be the trustworthy platform especially when you want to get a good Royal Enfield motorbike. In the other words, it will provide you all the information about the motorcycle that you are looking for, which can be ranging from the specifications of the vehicle to the reliable dealers in your country or city. Even better, it can help you to get connected to a specific dealer in the easier and faster way. In this case, you just need to submit some private info such as your complete name, phone number, email address, the country and city where you live in, zip code, and so on. Moreover, you can also get the best quality spare parts of the motorcycle when you access the multibet88.online. So then, you do not have to face any difficulties to meet your requirements.

– Get to Know the Updated Events
Furthermore, Royal Enfield blog is the perfect site mainly if you want to get to know the updated events. You will find that there are interesting events that you can do while riding this famous motorcycle, which some of them are like Moto Himalaya, Royal Enfield Tour, and so many more. Each of them will let you enjoy the remarkable views while exploring the countryside in your spare time. It means that you can have the chance to refresh your mind and get free from any exhausting stuff in your busy life. In addition, you can get more benefits when you earn a membership, which will last for about three years, after buying a particular Royal Enfield motorbike through the blog.

Royal Enfield Bullet 2020: One of the Most Popular Models Comes Back Stronger
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Royal Enfield Bullet 2020: One of the Most Popular Models Comes Back Stronger

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world. The company has introduced several models, but Royal Enfield Bullet is one of its most popular models voted after by its loyal customers. However, there was news that the model was discontinued in 2020. Here is the update you need.
– Royal Enfield 500 CC
It is true that the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc was discontinued in 2020, but it is only applicable in Indian markets. The company stated that the model was discontinued because the model cannot meet the standard of the new regulation related to the emission. The company decreased production of the model at the beginning of January and stopped production on March 31. However, the company still produces the model for export customers.

– The New Royal Enfield 650 CC
Customers outside India can still buy a motorcycle, but lots of people now prefer to buy the newest Royal Enfield model with twin cylinders. Lots of people are interested in buying this new model because the Royal Enfield has never introduced a motorcycle with twin cylinders before and people are eager to try out the new innovation.

This new model was introduced internationally in 2019 and the company worked together with Harris Performance to develop this model. There are two models of 650 cc that can be chosen, namely Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 and Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

If you like the classic model of Royal Enfield, you won’t be disappointed because the 650 cc models have the standard classic design. Both variations share the same brake, exhaust, tires, and suspension. The handlebars are also well-designed to ensure more comfortable riding. Lots of parts of the motorcycle have advanced design which makes it different from the old 500 cc, but the lights still use halogen and the speedometer is analog which somehow makes the motorcycle look old-fashioned. But, you don’t need to worry if you play live casino games because it uses the latest technology.

It is true that the popular model, Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc, was discontinued in India in 2020. But, the customers in other countries do not need to worry because this model is still distributed. You can also opt out for the new model, Royal Enfield 650 cc.

Royal Enfield Bullet 2020 Is Discontinued in 2020
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Royal Enfield Bullet 2020 Is Discontinued in 2020

Royal Enfield Bullet 2020 Is Discontinued in 2020 – The Royal Enfield Bullet was one of the oldest motorcycles produced by Royal Enfield. The motorcycle still keeps the design since it was first produced in 1931. However, some sources mention that this legendary motorcycle will be discontinued in 2020. Here is the truth of the news.
– Royal Enfield Bullet 500 in Indian Markets
There has been much speculation around saying that Royal Enfield Bullet 500 will be discontinued in 2020 from last year. The news shocked lots of loyal customers around the world because the model is the legendary model that everyone wants and if the company decided to discontinue the model, some sources stated that the selling will be dropped.

However, at the end of January 2020, the company announced that they will only reduce production of the model in Indian markets only. The decision is related to the new rule called Bharat-Stage (BS)-V1 that was implemented on April 1, 2020. The machine of this model cannot meet the standard so the company needs to cease production.

– The New Royal Enfield 650 Twins
Although the 500 cc model is discontinued in Indian markets, the Royal Enfield has introduced the new model with 2-cylinders 650 cc on their official website. Customers have been waiting forever for this model, and the Royal Enfield finally launched in 2018. This model is very different from the previous models because it has two cylinders and other great features that make your riding more comfortable.

Although this model was introduced two years ago, its popularity just gets higher when the 500 cc models are discontinued. The model still preserves the classic design, but it carries out more advanced technology. Sales in India itself have been gradually ascending along with the 350 cc models.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is still produced in many countries, except India. The last production was on 31 March, especially the 500 cc Classic model. Currently, the Royal Enfield offers customers with 2 cylinders 650 cc machines that become more popular than the 500 cc models.

How to Maintain Royal Enfield (Routine)
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How to Maintain Royal Enfield (Routine)

How to Maintain Royal Enfield (Routine) – Unless you have a comfortable financial life, having Royal Enfield parked in your garage would take great effort. It is set on a high price, so the owners should take proper measurement on the maintenance steps. Apart from the regular cleaning and polishing, there are more steps to do.

– Service and Oil Change
It has been the talk of the town that Royal Enfield maintenance costs a lot. While this is true, the manufacturer has made progress to cut this spending. Previously, you need to do service every 3000 km or roughly three months. Now you can drive a little longer, as the service should be done after 6000 km or six months.

Similar improvement also applies to oil change. Now you could change the oil after 12.000 km or roughly one year. Previously, you should do this every 6 months or 5000 km. Similar to the entire online games in https://citibet88.club, they get better and better.

– Air Pressure
Don’t forget to check the air pressure in each tire. The number would be different, depending on the total passenger on the motorbike. If you are riding alone, then get 20 for the front and 30 for the rear. If you have a passenger on pillion, then make it 22 and 32.

– Scratch And Rain
Your lovely motorbike is still prone to scratch. If you find one, apply vaseline as the first aid. Don’t wait too long to repaint the scratched part. Otherwise, it will be a permanent fixture.

Should you ride under rain and forget the raincoat, wipe the motorbike dry as soon as you arrive at home. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe the surface. Mind your action on the exhaust fan and silencer; they might be too hot to handle.

– Morning Start Up Engine
How do you start the engine of Royal Engine in the morning? Instead of hitting the electric starter, you should work with the kick starter first. Do it three to four times. If the engine is not starting, use the electric starter. Before you pull the gas, wait for one minute or count to 60.

– Fuel Limit
On the speedometer, you will see a fuel bar. Best time to stop at the gas station is when the bar points to “reserve”. It is great to have a full tank, but never let it go above “full” meter. Otherwise, the fuel will leak when you put on side standard.

In short, maintaining Royal Enfield requires big attention and lots of time. No wonder, many riders could spend hours in the garage, especially when it is time for maintenance. Look carefully for any sign of damage and check whether it could be repaired. If you could do this regularly, then you could keep Royal Enfild performance as its best.

The Royal Enfield Motorcycle, One of the Best Brand in the World
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The Royal Enfield Motorcycle, One of the Best Brand in the World

The Royal Enfield Motorcycle, One of the Best Brand in the World – The Royal Enfield Motorcycle has been known as the best brand of motorcycle since 1901. It has produced a lot of models of a motorcycle with high technology and stylish design. This brand is a part of Enfield Cycle Company Limited. In order to improve the quality of their product and to discover the new technology, they are still trying in the research and development programs. The innovations will be continued to create a new chance for better quality.

There are several new editions of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle that provides high-quality machine to produce a good performance. One of the examples is New Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin. This edition is a combination of the Royal Enfield Interceptor INT 650 Twin and Continental GT 650 Twin. This new edition also uses the new parallel engine. There are five colors that can be chosen in this edition that are Ice Queen, Ventura Blue, Black Magic, Mister Clean, and Dr. Mayhem. New Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin is developed with the 4 strokes, single overhead cam, air-oil cooled and a parallel twin as the print engine. The displacement is about 684 cc. Meanwhile, the size of the bore x stroke is about 78 mm x 67.8 mm. The compression ratio is about 9.5: 1. The rated output is about 47 bhp at 7100 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque is about 52 Nm at 4000 rpm. The lubrication type of this edition is a wet sump. This new edition is developed with fuel injection as the fuel supplier. The number of gearboxes of this motorcycle is 6 speed with the chain as the type of final drive. The ignition type of this motorcycle is digital spark ignition – TCI. The battery is about 12 V with the electric starting.

Another type of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle is the New Royal Redditch Edition. This new edition is inspired by the models of the Redditch factory in the 1950s. There are three colors of this new edition that can be chosen by the people. The colors are red, green, and blue. The engine type of this motorcycle is a single-cylinder, 4 strokes, Twinspark. The displacement is about 499 cc. The bore x stroke is about 84 mm x 90 mm. The compression ratio is about 8.5: 1. The rated output is about 27.2 bhp at 5250 rpm. Meanwhile, the air filter type is a paper element. The ignition of the machine is about digital electronic ignition. The cooling system is air-cooled. Meanwhile, the starting type is electric and kick.

Reserve Your Ride Test in Royal Enfield Blog
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Reserve Your Ride Test in Royal Enfield Blog

Royal Enfield is one of the legendary motorcycle brands in the world. This brand has been around since 1901. The story began in 1891 when R. W. Smith and Albert Eadie supplied the spare parts to the Royal Enfield weapon company. They started to make their very first quadricycle in 1898 and their first motorcycle in 1900.

1. Choose the Best Royal Enfield Model for You
This motorcycle brand had been around for more than a hundred years, and it is quite obvious that it has launched lots of models for the past years. For the models, they have Interceptor, Continental GT, Himalayan, Rumbler, Classic, and Bullet. For each model, they also have some sub-models you can choose. It is quite great because you have various options to choose from based on your needs.

But, it is also a downside because you need to choose from lots of models, and it can be quite confusing. But, you don’t need to worry because you can always book a free ride test to choose the best motorcycle for you just as you can try playing online games for free in to see if you like it.

2. How to Reserve the Ride Test
Reserving the riding test with Royal Enfield is very easy because you can do it through its official blog. All you need to do is to visit its official blog and go through its website. You will see a small menu entitled Book a Test Ride at the bottom of the page. Just click it and you will be directed to complete a form you need to fill.

The form consists of Name, email, and phone number you need to fill. Then, you will need to choose the location you are in or the location you want to experience the riding test. After you have chosen the location, you will need to choose the dealer and the model you want to try. You will also need to decide the time you want to buy a motorcycle. Later on, you will be contacted to decide when you can experience the riding test. Another good thing is that you will receive the latest promotions related to its product sent to your email.

This infamous motorcycle brand provides a free ride test for those who want to buy the motorcycle later. You can do it easily by accessing the website and completing the form provided. You will be directed to choose one of the locations near you and you also can choose a certain model you want to try.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle, A Stylish Motorbike with the Great Performance
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Royal Enfield Motorcycle, A Stylish Motorbike with the Great Performance

Royal Enfield Motorcycle, A Stylish Motorbike with the Great Performance – Do you ever hear about Royal Enfield Motorcycle? Well, Royal Enfield is one of the most popular motorbikes from the Enfield Cycle Company Limited. This company has produced the motorcycle since 1901. Up until now, they are still using the original machines that are developed by the legend of Royal Enfield. This thing that makes the Royal Enfield Motorcycle becomes different from other brands. In addition, they also always make research and development for discovering better technology so that they can improve the quality of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

There are several new products of the Royal Enfield Motorcycle. These products offer a high-quality engine along with the stylish design and colors. The first one is Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI. Well, actually this new edition of the Royal Enfield is the innovation on the previous Bullet style. The Bullet style provides high performance along with high reliability so that the user will feel satisfied when they ride this motorcycle. The new Bullet 500 EFI is designed with the Electronic Fuel Injection. It is also equipped with a powerful halogen powered headlamp and completed with the chrome lip and set of pilot lamps on both sides. The machine of new Bullet 500 EFI is completed with the single –pod analog speedometer. It also as independent ampere meter. In addition, the clutch and brake levers are easy to handle. Therefore, the new Bullet 500 EFI doesn’t only provide the style but also the safety of the rider. In addition, the technology of the Bullet 500 EFI can produce a smooth-shifting five-speed gearbox even being ridden between 80-90 kph.

For the people who want to know more about the product of Royal Enfield Motorcycle, they can come to the London Shop Motorcycle. In this exhibition, the Royal Enfield will show some of their products so that the customer can get the information from the company directly. On the other hand, for the people who want to buy one of the products of Royal Enfield, they can contact the company directly. They can go to their office in Lancashire, UK. Or else, call them via telephone. Another way is by filling the form that is available on their website. For the people who live outside the UK, they can contact the representative agent of the Royal Enfield in their country. They will assist the customer in how to buy the motorcycle of the Royal Enfield.

Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019
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Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019

Join Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019 – Are you a Royal Enfield rider looking for a tour? Pack your things and get ready for Royal Enfield’s Tour of Indonesia 2019! This full-riding one week tour will give you the beautiful landscape stretches from Jakarta to Bali. Do you want to know what’s in store during this tour?
• Distance, Destination, and Duration
The Tour of Indonesia will be held starting from March 17th until 22nd, 2019, with the first day for safety checking and second till the last day riding from Jakarta to Bali. The total distance of this tour is around 1400 km and will be divided into approximately seven hours of riding per day on Tarmac terrain. Each day, there will be a destination point riders need to reach, which are:

  • (March 18th) The road start from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya.
  • (March 19th) Trips ensue from Tasikmalaya to Jogjakarta.
  • (March 20th) From Jogjakarta, the trip continues to Malang.
  • (March 21st) From the last checkpoint, the tour advances to Probolinggo.
  • (March 22nd) On the final day, the riders will cross to Bali and end the tour after crossing the roads of Bedugul.

• What Should You Bring On The Road?
Since it’s a full-week trip, it will be hard for riders to wing it on the road. So, it’s best to prepare for basic travelling needs (toiletries, clothes, meds, water, and raincoat) and riding needs (full face helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, and pants suitable for motor riding.) It’s even better if you equipped your ride with an extra compartment to store all of those needs.

• Register Today!
Royal Enfield offered a full online registry process including the payment. Though there’s no written limit, they stated who ‘first come, first serve.’ So, if you are really interested to join, make sure to register and pay as soon as possible. Royal Enfield gives its participant options to get one room accommodation (6,5 million rupiahs) or twin room (4,5 million rupiahs.)

Besides that, health is also a priority for the registry. The web suggested for applicants to try five-and-fifty health test, which consisted of 50 push-ups and walking 5 km. If you can do it under 50 minutes, you are good to go.

This five days, full ride tour is not something to miss for Royal Enfield riders. This event will not only give you the chance for an intensive road-trip, but also the chance to gather with the community member from Indonesia. Are you ready for what’s in store on this tour?

Why You Need to Buy Royal Enfield Immediately
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Why You Need to Buy Royal Enfield Immediately

Royal Enfield has become a gem among the motorcycle lovers. The motorcycles have various good points that make them different from other brands. If you haven’t had your own Royal Enfield motorcycle, you definitely need to hear these excuses and buy one right away.
– Classic Design
One of the great excuses that every Royal Enfield lovers agree to is the classic design of the motorcycles. The current motorcycles are all the same to beat their competitor or to follow the current trend. Different from those motorcycles, Royal Enfield still stays true to their color. They still maintain the classic design from their past years. Surprisingly, they don’t look old, but appealing. If you like the retro style, the motorcycles from Royal Enfield are the best for you.

– Comfort is the Priority
The second charm of Royal Enfield motorcycles in the comfort of riding them. The design is all considering the purpose of the motorcycles. Some are designed with no vibration and some others are designed with soft seat for touring purpose. If you are looking for the motorcycle that you can use daily as well as long rides, Royal Enfield motorcycles will be the most suitable.

– Easy to Customize
Making your own dream motorcycle won’t be as easy as the Royal Enfield motorcycles. The brand designs motorcycles for those who like to customize their own motorcycles. You can simply buy the genuine accessories from the authentic Royal Enfield store and ask the mechanics to do it for you. But somehow, you can do it all by yourself easily.

All of the Royal Enfield motorcycles have great designs that will always suitable in every era. The motorcycles are well-equipped with great specifications and features that encourage better performance in every road. What are you waiting for? Go and buy one for yourself.

Royal Enfield Rumbler 500 – The Thunderbird of Road Trips
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Royal Enfield Rumbler 500 – The Thunderbird of Road Trips

Royal Enfield Rumbler 500 – The Thunderbird of Road Trips – Are you looking for the best motorcycle to accompany your personal long journeys on the road? Then get ready to meet Rumbler 500 by Royal Enfield. Designed to be as comfortable as it is accommodating, it is best chosen for riders who are into discovering new, untouched tracks.
• Ride Nonstop
Ever dream to ride your motorcycle without a lot of gas station trips? Well, with Rumbler 500, that dream can become reality. With 20 litre tank at max capacity, riders can ride miles and miles away without the need of looking for a gas station so often. Not to mention, the petrol hole is designed right in front of the rider’s seat – a classic design of Royal Enfield that ensure riders to be able to fill their gas and hit back the road without standing up.

• Optimal Seating and Footrest
Who wants to ride for a long time with uncomfortable seating? Well, lucky you, because Rumbler 500’s seat is designed quite flat with an optimal height for riders to reach the footrest. So, whether the road allows speeding as much as you wanted to or requires patience for traffic jams, Rumbler 500 will be as comfortable as possible.

Plus, riders can bring a passenger on the back. Again, since the seat is quite flat, they will be comfortable even after a few hours. However, as an extra for those who want to go on solo road trips, it’s also very easy to install baggage compartment on the passenger seat.

• Old but Gold Colour Selection
Are you interested to buy Rumbler 500? Then pick a colour. This series only offered two colour variation, which is Marine and Stone. Marine gave us the classic hue of metallic blue, giving the vehicle a spaz of colour without making it stood out in a bad way.

If a rider prefers sleek aesthetic, however, Stone might be much better. The obsidian casings and seat will make the vehicle looked just like a sweeping crow on the road. Plus, it is less noticeable compared to Marine without losing the classic touch. For this specification rumbler 500 you can visit, that give full review.

If you are seeking prolonged hours on the road with the best comfort possible, Rumbler 500 is certainly one of the best motorcycles to choose. Since the saddle is quite flat, riders can sit as comfortable as possible even with an extra passenger at the back. Be it Marine or Stone, both will serve as the most comfortable road motorcycle.

Get Your Iconic Ride with Royal Enfield Type Bullet
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Get Your Iconic Ride with Royal Enfield Type Bullet

Amidst the new motorcycle models popping day by day, are you in thirst for an old classic? If that’s the case, don’t miss the iconic Bullet from Royal Enfield, one of the first Royal Enfield creation. It’s a must buy, especially for riders who adore old designs along with the hardy engine.

1. The First Motorcycle in History
Has been serving from the early days of World War II, Bullet is one of the oldest motorcycle lines in history and still actively produced. In fact, this iconic look has been invented a few decades before Royal Enfield, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still operating today, was founded.

The first Bullet model was produced in 1901. However, as the year goes, the model received more polishing until the manufactures decided to retain it in 1932. Since 1955, the founding of Enfield India, Bullet has been placed in the rack as the brand’s face and stayed iconic ever since.

Read More : Have a WWII Riding Experience with Royal Enfield Type Classic

2. Iconic, Lasting Design
Modest, but hardy – that’s what the designers put their mind in Bullet. And that idea sure lives. Even after producing several more bike types, Bullet is still the most iconic creation of Royal Enfield in 2019. They even decided to keep the smoothly painted brand over the embossed letters solely for Bullet.

Just by seeing Bullet, any rider will feel how special the bike is. Most of its machine parts are displayed open, and along with the iconic pinstripes, it became so iconic that it’s declared the living inheritance of bikes.

3. Hit The Road The Iconic Way
Don’t be afraid to explore the roads with Bullet. Though the design is old, the build is still as tough as it was back in the 1930s, if not stronger. See the handmade chrome roll by the road, giving you a steady and secure feeling during the ride. No matter how far you go, the trip will always feel grand riding Bullet.

Not to mention, Bullet lives the legend of how the machine beats and roll haven’t changed. Even just sitting and turning on the engine is a special experience. Besides that, you can pick the experience between riding on 350cc or 500cc.

With its hardy iconic design, Bullet definitely gives off the air of antique. However, being antique doesn’t mean that it’s rusted to the core – since its first production in 1932, Bullet has been polished by Royal Enfield to be as shiny as it always been.

Have a WWII Riding Experience with Royal Enfield Type Classic

Have a WWII Riding Experience with Royal Enfield Type Classic

Type Bullet is great because it’s iconic, but what if you want a true feeling riding history? Well, don’t start caving in money for an antique bike altogether, because you can realize your dream by selecting an experience with one of Royal Enfield’s Classic Type model.

  • A Lone Wolf’s Ride
    To put the design simple, it is just about the same as Bullet. After all, the designs are an improvement from one to another. However, the first noticeable thing of these classic models is their one-seater.

In order to maintain both history and experience for its new riders, Royal Enfield decided to keep the seat just like the 1901 model, one-seater. So, it’s the best choice for those who like to enjoy long trips and get in touch with the road by themselves, just like how the soldiers gas it up individually to war.

  • Engine All Bare, Just Like The Old Days
    Though Royal Fields’ new models didn’t exactly cover their engines, old designs like the Classic line tend to pop it out more. That’s because they mostly use the original metal colour for the engine. Not to mention, the muffler also bends around the edges of the engine as well, making the whole setting even more noticeable. That, in itself, is the charm of classic models.

-A Model for An Experience
Usually, motorbike brands would just put one type of model with several colour selections. However, Classic gave us special leisure to pick from nine models designed for different ‘battlefield’, just as why the motorbikes are made, to begin with.

Since Enfield’s motorbikes were originally made for World War II purposes, each model has a different type of tracks to be in. For example, CL Stealth Black and CL Gun Grey are perfect for a night mission since the colour will blend right away with the night.

If going black is not up to your tastes, there are eight different ‘battlefields’ you can pick. There are CL Desert Storm for the desert voyage, CL Army Green for the ground forces, CL Blue Squadron for the air forces, and both CL Classic and CL Chrome for those who want that old-school, post-war charm!

Yes, Type Classic indeed took its name loyally. The design hasn’t changed much back before Bullet, making it the true classic of Royal Enfield. With its trademark one-seater, Classic offers many types of experience based on its models for a true experience.

Royal Enfield Himalayan – The Only Bike You Will Ever Need
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Royal Enfield Himalayan – The Only Bike You Will Ever Need

People who like to tour the lands with their bikes would think that any models from Royal Enfield would be sufficient for their journey. But what about the most ideal model? Enter Himalayan, the best bike for touring that will make you never miss the other bikes.

• Evolution to Perfection
It’s no wonder that Himalayan is dubbed as the ‘perfect’ motorbike. After all, this model is a major improvement to all of Royal Field’s designs. It definitely still inherit some parts of the Bullet’s iconic look. However, it’s also managed to turn that design into a sleek, versatile, and comfortable product.

Plus, considering that it is designed for touring, the design successfully realized versatility for all sorts of tracks. This ability is actually what makes Himalayan ‘perfect’. Let’s not forget that it’s stable both ridden sitting and standing.

• Perfect For All Terrain
When touring, it’s not unusual for riders to want to try uncharted paths. So, it would be best to get a bike that’s capable of such wishes. This is where Himalayan shines – with duplex split cradle and travel suspensions buffing the engine, the bike proves to be stable even when passing rocky roads.

Of course, the claim isn’t only pointed for rocky paths. In fact, it’s designed to adapt easily to any sort of field while giving the smoothest ride possible. So, even if the terrain constantly changes, riders can feel at ease as long as they ride on Himalayan.

• The Dream Bike For Tourers
The features of Himalayan are mostly familiar and basic as well and it shines that way. After all, the whole Royal Enfield line is dedicated to the classic WWII era appearance. Looks aside, the versatility definitely will win the hearts of those who are born for tours.

It’s a good choice, indeed. Even when riders are not up for touring, they can still use it on normal roads without any problem. Since they are not as bulky as other touring bikes and versatile to all sorts of terrain, it would be easy for riders to adjust to small and non-asphalt paths.

Is Himalayan a perfect motorcycle? Of course, not, there is always room for improvement for this hunk. However, it’s still one of the best bikes that can offer you great touring experience. With such a hardy design, riders will be able to pass all sorts of terrain, making your journey smoother than ever.

How to Choose the Suitable Royal Enfield Model for You
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How to Choose the Suitable Royal Enfield Model for You

Royal Enfield has created lots of motorcycle models. However, each model has different specifications and designs that make them unique. For the new fans of this brand, choosing the best Royal Enfield model will be a little bit confusing. Don’t worry, here are some tips that you can use to choose your very first motorcycle.

Ask Yourself a Question What the Actual Purpose of the Motorcycle
All of the Royal Enfield models are built for different purposes. Some of them are built for everyday use, and some others are for long rides. The best way to determine the best Royal Enfield model for you is to know the purpose of the motorcycle. If you like to have the motorcycle for touring purpose, the Thunderbird will be good for you. This model is made to support the comfort of the rider. But, if you like to use it for your daily activities, the Bullet models are the best. The Bullet models are built with the fuel-efficient feature and great design that is suitable for standard street use.

Consider the Design and Specifications
After knowing the original purpose of buying the motorcycle, you need to consider the design and the specifications as well. Although most of them have a mixture of a classic and modern touch, they come with different designs and specifications. Each of them is created with different specifications, from different gearbox, engine, and suspension. Plus, each model has a various design with various colors and accessories. But, you don’t need to worry since you can easily customize it later.

Those tips from will be very helpful for you to determine the right Royal Enfield model. However, you need to understand that it will back again to your taste. No matter what model you choose, all of them are built in the best design and specifications.

Royal Enfield Int650, the Most Affordable Motorcycle
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Royal Enfield Int650, the Most Affordable Motorcycle

Royal Enfield has been known as one of the oldest motorcycle brands. This infamous company has introduced different motorcycles since 1901 and Royal Enfield Int650 is one of the newest models. Lest take a look at this motorcycle closer.

Royal Enfield Int650 has both classic and modern touch that everyone loves. Every part of the motorcycle is well-developed to make the reader comfortable in riding it. The motorcycle comes with Pirelli Phantom Sport-comp tires 100/90 R18 front and 130/90 R18 rear. During the making, the motorcycle is tested regularly to make sure that it supports great balance, durable, and easy handling. Riding this motorcycle will be very comfortable since it is designed for everyday use with a comfortable seating position. The great news for is that it comes with various colors that you can choose, such as Silver Spectre, Baker Express, Mark Three, Ravishing Red, Orange Crush, as well as Glitter and Dust. However, each color has different prices starting from £5,500 or around $7,000.

Royal Enfield Int650 comes with a parallel-twin engine that makes it better. It is a 270-degree firing interval and it results in a unique sound like the other Royal Enfield motorcycles specialty. The engine encourages a better balance and reduces vibration. It also has a six-speed gearbox that will bring more power. Changing the gear is perfectly smooth and you can experience faster riding for more than 90 miles per hour. This Int650 comes with 320 mm disc at the front and 240 mm at the rear, and it results in great handling.
Royal Enfield Int650 is actually the first parallel-twin engine motorcycle from this brand. This model is very suitable for those who like the combination of a classic and modern touch. The motorcycle is well-designed and you can explore any road without a hassle. The price starts at $7,000 and you can choose the color you like.

What Riders Love about Royal Enfield
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What Riders Love about Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has been around for more than a century and it is loved since. This Indian-based brand is not only popular in the Indian market, but also around the world. There are more than 20,000 units sold every year and the number is still increasing. What actually makes this brand popular?

Constantly Innovating
Royal Enfield officially goes to the public in 1901. The brand receives good feedback from the Indian market as well as global market. The riders are attracted by the classic yet modern design. The popularity doesn’t stop Royal Enfield from innovating. There are numerous motorcycle models from this brand, from the classic one to Int650, the latest model. The various models here give the riders the privilege to choose the best model based on their needs.

Built with Great Features and Specifications
The second charm of Royal Enfield is the features and specifications for every model. The features and specification here are also updated constantly and they refer to the market needs to build the motorcycle. The features and specifications get better each time and riding the motorcycle won’t be as comfortable as before.

Riders can participate in Various Events and Test Drive
The best thing about this brand is the events that the riders can participate in. They create various international events for every Royal Enfield lovers. Other than events, this brand also provides the test drive event for those who want to buy a certain model. These various events are open for everyone and more importantly, the events are held regularly each year.

The fact that Royal Enfield still exists until today is because of its constant innovation. The products are built based on market needs. Although some models are pretty expensive, lots of riders still choose this brand because of the quality. No wonder, it gets more and more popular.

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