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7th annual Royal Enfield MN family reunion is coming up!!

Random Notes


The 7th annual Royal Enfield reunion will once again be held at Eagle Cliff Campground in beautiful LansboroMinnesota the weekend of June 15-17. There will be a $30.00 per person registration fee. The registration fee covers 2 nights of camping and dinner on Saturday evening. Check in  starts at 3:00 on Friday. There will be a motorcycle ride on Saturday. Please call Jane at Classic Motorworks (800-201-7472) to make your reservation. We welcome all models of bikes.




ONE RIDE DAY 4/1/2012


One Thought. One Feeling. One Passion – Royal Enfield

The FIRST Sunday of April is celebrated as the Royal Enfield ‘ONE RIDE’ all over the world where we actively encourage all Royal Enfield owners/riders to take their motorcycles and ride out with us.

This year we are celebrating this ride on the 1st of April 2012.

Although each rider is free to have his or her individual ‘One Ride’ we encourage the riders to either start their rides from our brand stores, dealers or International distributors/dealerships or end at them.

Whether the rider have been actively following the passion for riding or whether their bike has been parked in the garage for months, this is the day for everyone to ride. This is a ride for unity/brotherhood amongst all Royal Enfield riders across the world. On this day all over the world we don’t want people to just watch the roads vociferate with the distinct thump of Royal Enfield motorcycles, but join in the celebrations by signing up for the ride in their city or starting one of their own.

There is no format for this ride; no route, no duration, no destination. Make sure everyone wears proper riding gear and helmets on this ride laying emphasis on safety while pursuing the romance of motorcycling along with your fellow Royal Enfield riders. With pleasant weather to ride all over the world, it is highly recommended for all Royal Enfield riders to take their motorcycles and ride out together on this day.

In case anyone wants more information please ask them to send an email to [email protected]



Enfield in Twighlight